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Weather: Abnormal days in Merla without much cold? Compare traditions and expectations

Blackbird daysBlackbird daysBy tradition I am days From Merla Concentration The coldest winter period. This year, however, we run the risk of encountering an anomaly, or highly marked climatic phase The absence of this great cold (At least in the majority of countries) that usually distinguish The last part of January.
So let’s see what a file is Climatic history Italian and What is expected instead Based on the latest updates available to us.

The A popular tradition One says many years ago White blackbird It boasts white and soft feathers like Noun. While January It was giving first nice warmth spring, This He mocked him, precisely for the fact that winter It ends without you having it Big ice. At that point, Jan was furious And I decided to send a wave of ice Right at the end of the last days of Month (29-30-31): Suddenly a Great cold And blackbird Bianca couldn’t find anything better than resorting to a (lit) fireplace. After three days of freezing, the blackbird came out completely black, the color it remained imprinted on Always.
Also from a statistical and climatic point of view in the various Italian regions, the coldest period of the year falls between the last ten days of January and the first of February. This is thanks to solar radiation that remains at a minimum (less heat enters from our star) and a great frequency of periods of high pressure (little rain). With a clear sky, in fact, heat is scattered toward space as a result of very low temperatures in the lower layers.

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However, This year the tradition will hardly be respectedActually it could be very different. We risk spending Blackbird days Even with calorific values ​​above average climate Over a large part of the country, thanks to a possible return to high pressure, between January and February. If all this is confirmed, then the temperatures It will be heading up several degrees, especially the base South and on the main islands, Regions that are geographically exposed to the temperate southern currents and are more vulnerable to being kissed by the warm rays of the sun where temperature changes of up to +8 ° C are expected compared to the reference climate averages (as we can see from the map below).

Predicted temperature anomalies for Merla daysPredicted temperature anomalies for Merla days

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