Black Friday, real-time deals not to be missed

    Black Friday, real-time deals not to be missed

    We started with the first hours of discounts and offers for Black Friday week By Amazon (here you can find custom page in the event). give it smart phones To decorate the house, give packages to store On many products for the home, the choice is always very wide. But we are here to help you pick the best deals out of thousands upon thousands of sales Black November.

    It also arrives every year from Amazon progress in real time Which we will continue to update several times a day here with our suggestions. technology, beauty, home, appliances, birthday presents. Here’s what we recommend buying at any time of the day.

    3 p.m.: wireless mouse

    Black Friday offers real time

    A wireless mouse is easier to use: This Logitech product proves to be wireless, with optical tracking and a superior battery that lasts more than a year.

    You can find it here now on display

    3 p.m.: The Notebook

    Black Friday offers real time

    With a 14-inch screen, this laptop is not to be missed in these Deals of the Day. She has one 8GB RAM, support WiFi 6 and Chrome OS.

    You can find them now on sale here

    3 p.m.: Planetary Mixer

    Black Friday offers real time

    For the kitchen, it is an essential accessory: the planetary mixer, or planetary mixer as you like, is very useful even for the most complex preparations. This Kenwood appliance can hold up to 6.7L.

    You can find it now on discount

    11/24 at 11: Vertical Ironing Machine

    Offers a real time Black Friday week

    With a stainless steel soleplate and a capacity of 260 liters, this vertical iron is ideal for those who want to iron without much difficulty.

    You can find them here for sale now

    11/24 at 11 air fryer

    The Fry Deluxe Hot Air Fryer is easy to use and can prepare dishes for up to 6 people (6L capacity).

    You can buy it here on offer

    11/24 at 11: Armani watch

    Offers a real time Black Friday week

    With a steel strap and a quartz dial, this model from Armani is classic yet modern and sporty. Perfect for those who want to have a watch on their wrist that does not go unnoticed.

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