Black Friday and TV Rewards: How to prepare for the shutdown

    Black Friday and TV Rewards: How to prepare for the shutdown

    The final months of 2021 will live under the banner of old and new expectations: for example, you are more excited about the approach Black Friday Or you are more worried about the next stage digital terrestrial closure? Well, know that the two are so closely related, in their own way, that one can become the perfect solution for the other.

    Think about it for a moment: interruption forces us to. To change old TVs or equip ourselves with satellite decoders (terrestrial or satellite) to adapt to the new frequencies? The Black Friday Falls like beans, shows us Discounts and promotions On the latest TVs and supported decoders. Will blocking channels not allow us to access our favorite shows and channels? Black Friday saves us again, offering high-quality products at incredible prices with a “lativù 4K” feel that will instantly re-establish the situation as we know it, if not better.

    Seal certifying the quality of the new devices

    But what exactly does the label do? It allows anyone to intuitively know which receivers actually have the best technical features needed to receive all the free content from any platform for the next few years.

    So, if shutdown and Black Friday are the cause and the solution respectively to the problem, it will be through tivùsa-certified TVs and set-top boxes.NS To demonstrate, instead, the most effective and efficient means of achieving the best possible result in terms of:

    Signal quality and resolution: tivùsat can reach all areas of the territory, even those that were historically difficult to cover with a simple digital floor. Moreover, tivùsat can, by optimizing our TVs, improve your viewing experience with HD and 4K channels.

    Offer fortune: With tivùsat it is possible to increase the number of channels, from the dozens of high definition channels that exist today on the digital earth 180 TV and radio channels Available for free, including 60 in HD and 7 in 4K. tivùsat offers in HD and without the need to subscribe all Rai channels, all free channels from Discovery Group, Cielo, Tv8 from Sky Group, most Mediaset channels as well as many international channels. In addition, to top the pack, there are also 7 4K channels, among them Rai 4K, a Rai Ultra HD channel active 24 hours a day, which also offers free programming of major sporting events, fiction and documentaries.

    Ease of access and use: To get all the benefits of tivùsat, it is enough to have a certified tivùsat device (a smart TV or CAM is inserted into the smart TV with the “lativù4K” label), a Hotbird satellite-guided dish and a smart card already included in the set-top box or CAM package.

    tivùsat: a future option

    In short, timely regulation is definitely not a bad idea, especially now that we have a period of discounts and promotions and the state is also encouraging the purchase of new devices thanks to TV Bonus and Scrap Bonus.

    Treat yourself to a smart TV with CAM Tifsat And a unique remote control or certified satellite decoder means making a smart and timely choice and finding solutions for the future so you never have to worry about power outages and technology changes again.

    In short, are you ready to definitively enter the world of free satellites?

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