Black dots on the windshield – no one really knows what they are for and that’s a problem

    Black dots on the windshield – no one really knows what they are for and that’s a problem

    Black dots on the windshield are not just aesthetics, they are there for a specific reason even if many ignore them and do not know their purpose.

    Many cars are born secrets Like any other medium, we often see items every day and yet never ask the question why they are there at all, whether or not they have an actual purpose. In general, it is possible to say with certainty that every choice, even those of an aesthetic nature, is never made by chance but is functional for the rest.

    car windshield (pontilenews)

    when it comes to transportation safety It plays a really fundamental role and that is why these points are part of a careful study that has improved various aspects in the latest generation of cars.

    Black dots on the windshield: what are they and what are they for

    black dots on windshield It is identical to the one in the rear window. Older cars don’t have it but newer ones have a nice set of dots covering the bottom. Their purpose is to provide driving comfort as well as greater safety.

    Dots in the windshield, what are they for (pontilenews)

    Certainly on the windshield we also find logos And brands and those that do not have a function but in the case of black dots there is a specific reason. These small points can be clearly recognized and have different functions, which is why they have been gradually adapted over the years to needs. Basically they are made with one ceramic coating It is the same one used for the black outline of the windshield and rear window.

    Therefore, the points are precisely attached to the glass structure and ensure: safety, functionality and comfort. The first task from the point of view functional is to create one transitional area of ​​the frame, in fact there is a transition from darker to lighter. This serves both UV rays and heat. In fact, the sealant is made of polyurethane and in this way the glass is glued and fixed in any case but it is also a heat shield.

    The windshield points also have a coil Practical function That is, it is used in the movement of the windshield wipers to ensure a cleaning bigger and faster. In fact, thanks to its presence it is possible to quickly melt the ice from the windows, especially in winter when ice forms. Through friction, the ice breaks up and the car is instantly cleaned. The last factor is a factor safety, In fact, we also find it near the mirror. behave sun filter They can help the driver in any situation, even when the glare is very strong.

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