Bite the ATM, we start in 2022: what is changing

    Bite the ATM, we start in 2022: what is changing

    In 2022, everything changed regarding ATMs. Sting to customers who will have a bad surprise


    It is time for changes in various aspects of the economy. The pandemic has changed and will change many things again. On the one hand, processes already in progress or about to be implemented have been accelerated. On the other hand, there is a greater availability of funds from institutions in favor of reviving the economy. This will cause Many changes, perhaps a temporal event. In terms of payments, the goal is to increase digital payments, as has already been done.

    ATMs, Increments in Withdrawals: Details


    Then there is the energy front with Italy and Europe in the grip of foreign energy dependence and climate change. in a Banking world acceleration Bank branches closed. It has become more and more Hard to find an ATM Close to your home, especially in small towns but also on the outskirts of big cities. Often you have to withdraw from branches of other banks, other than your own with commission payments.

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    It is precisely in this regard that the increase in commission costs that will be made at ATMs other than his own bank is certain. Should cost up to 3 euro For one operation even if the general manager of Bancomat SpA announces to the newspaper that the probability will reach Maximum 1.50 EUR in a committee. This is the goal of the program to change the rules proposed by Bancomat SpA to antitrust that must express itself.

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    with regard to times, Antutrust will express itself inside April 2022. Therefore, before this date nothing will change for users. However, the manager of the ATM does not exclude the possibility of obtaining an opinion even earlier. But then there Contracts to be amended. They also go systems update, Point of sale, ATM. In short, according to the director, he will likely go too far Most of 2022 Before I change anything about the cash withdrawal.

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