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billionaires in Dubai. Here are the 5 richest in UAE

Miliardari a Dubai. Ecco chi sono i 5 più ricchi degli Emirati Arabi

If you are looking for a city with scaleA very high percentage of billionaires, This is it Dubai. anyway DubaiWith a population of 3,300,000, it is relatively small compared to other Middle Eastern cities, and it is also the second most expensive city in the world. Middle east.

Home to most billionaires in The United Arab Emirates (The United Arab Emirates) which according to Huron Global, in 2020 there were 24 The United Arab Emirates Considered, mainly thanks to DubaiAn innovative country and one of the global centers of luxury and wealth. Of course, with so many billionaires among its residents, it certainly couldn’t be otherwise.

But who are the richest of these billionaires? Below you will find a file The 5 biggest billionaires live in the UAE According to the latest data from Huron Global.

Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor (Assets: $2 billion)

Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor

Mohammed Khalaf Al HabtoorBorn in 1968, he is the son of a businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor, company’s owner Al Habtoor GroupIt is a powerful conglomerate headquartered in The United Arab Emirates. Studied at a private school Al Ittihad from Dubai And right after graduation he flew to United States of America to continue studying.

Hussain Sajwani (Net Worth: $2.5 billion)

Hussain Sajwani

Born in 1953, he is the founder of a real estate development company, DACAM خصائص Characteristics, and a private investment company called deco collection. These companies have repercussions all over the world and deco collection strong relationships with Roberto Cavalli collectionIn 2019, it acquired the famous Italian fashion house. Sajwani Among the 100 most influential Arabs in the world in the list Gulf Business In 2017, 2018, and 2020.

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Youssef Ali Muslim Fetel Abdul Qadir (Ownership: $4.9 billion).

Yusuf Ali Muslim Fetel Abdul Qader

Also known as Youssef Ali M, is an Indian businessman who lives in The United Arab Emirates, famous for being the king of retail. He was born in a village in the state of Kerala, in the southIndia, then go to Dubai To work with his uncle in a small distribution company. He is currently the President and CEO of the company Lulu International Group.

Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Ghurair (assets: $6 billion)

Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al Ghurair

Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Ghurair He is the founder of the bank Mashreq Bank, the main bank of The United Arab Emirates Founded in 1967. In 2019 he resigned from the position of bank president but remained a member of the board of directors. At this moment his son Abdul Aziz | He runs the company and takes over the role Executive Director.

Majid Al Futtaim (Net Worth: $6.1 billion)

Majid Al Futtaim

He is the founder of the giant retail and entertainment company Majid Al Futtaim Holding. Founded in 1992 and is also known as maf, currently operates nearly 13 hotels and 26 shopping malls including Mall of Egypt (The Cairo) and the Emirates Mall (a Dubai). maf She also has an exclusive license thanks to which she operates several supermarkets in Carrefour in a North AfricaAnd Middle Asia NS Middle east.

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