«Big resignation», how to resign in the right way? Four tips – Corriere.it

     «Big resignation», how to resign in the right way?  Four tips - Corriere.it

    Not just a job interview, But also one’s resignation should be informed by following a strategyappropriately and professionally. Important, as well as necessary, to be possible Maintain a correct and collaborative relationship with colleagues and employer until the last day. In fact, one of the world’s most popular platforms for job seekers and offers has outlined a series of steps on how to quit.

    Benefits of “good” resignations

    The more the unloading process is treated with mutual respect, the higher the probability Both parties are willing to help each other. Managers, colleagues, and the employer can leave positive references. Maintaining a good working relationship despite your resignation provides a number of benefits: First, It also gives space for other future career opportunities, Allows time to complete the task and take care of the delivery with collaborators who will carry out the same activities and would prefer the employer to behave properly towards the employee leaving the job. Indeed has put together a series of tips and steps to follow so you can maintain good relationships with everyone.

    Actually tips

    The employer must be informed before anyone else. If circumstances allow, it would be better to do it in person, otherwise a phone call will be fine – the elements to share in the conversation are: when and why you intend to leave your job, specify the modalities and timing of delivery, how to manage information with clients and colleagues, thanks for the opportunities. important to contact Decision in a positive way, whatever the reasons Which pushes towards resignation, perhaps with reference to the skills acquired, the experiences you live and the human relationships that have been created. best try Limit the discussion to the basics and try to focus Still in the current job at the notice period. Answering any questions about the next role is always polite, but treat the letter humbly and keep the answers brief. Finally, if possible, show flexibility in case you are asked to stay longer.

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