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Big data, shipyards, construction: This is why Microsoft (and the US) is betting on Greece

Big data, shipyards, construction: This is why Microsoft (and the US) is betting on Greece

Microsoft fa tris In Greece: After the first Data Center Of the $500,000 planted in Attica, here are two more, with the strategic goal of transforming the country into technology pole of data traffic. Thus the giant stars and stripes in the field of information technology confirm the choice top western players To invest in the central Aegean: due, on the one hand, to the reform policies of the government Kyriakos Mitsotakis On the other hand, to moral pressure of the Greek-American community. In fact, there is only one topic left Turkish attacks At the heart of the arguments of the “Greek lobby” in the United States, but a different consciousness content and the Property of potential new investments. This is evidenced by the groove that giants such as TeslaDeloitte Ernst & Youngand Digital Realty and AWS e Pfizer, who believed in a change of pace by Athena, while the Danes chip recently signed up with Mytileneus joint cooperation to develop wind projects Abroad in Greece. Microsoft is following them, and it’s decided to triple the Koropi data center project, which will be completed in September with two other facilities in addition to the existing facility. The data game being played on the Euro-Mediterranean side is very important, with Greece playing a different role than it was in the past.

Let’s talk about the project “GR for Growth”, through which Microsoft wants to create the Microsoft Cloud region in Greece, and include it within the global cloud infrastructure models, capable of employing 100,000 people between now and 2025. This step is worth One billion dollars – from the matrix commercial but also geopolitics. The first aspect is influenced by the forecasts of the consulting firm Ernst & Young, according to which the climate has become favorable for investments in Greece. Also thanks to some of the reforms implemented in the last couple of years – like Business Relief To restart the economy after nearly a decade of bailouts and a year of stagnation from COVID – Greece has become gravity for a number of international entities in which it invests. Such is the case with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, its CEO, Albert Borla, I decided to open the hub digital innovation In his hometown, Thessaloniki: and not for narrow reasons, but because he saw there was a real possibility of doing business. The company is also considering opening a second center where he works 350 people.

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Geopolitically speaking, on the other hand, the need for an American president affects Joe Biden to balance existence Chinese in port Piraeus (with the logistics company COSCO) and Russian A Thessaloniki (With the port privatized by Putin’s oligarch Ivan Savidis). In addition, the old shipyards Scaramangas, once the leader in the sector, was sold to the owner George Procopio, which boasts direct links with the United States, and is ready to be part of the rebirth of Greek shipbuilding. For this reason, abroad, there is a belief that Microsoft’s work will not be isolated, but will soon follow Other partners Who will invest in the Hellenic country. The first signs of this trend can be seen in the defense sector, where the United States is considering placing shipyards EleusisWhere to build the new frigates that Athena should order soon. In addition, a construction consortium was recently awarded lambda development Awarded for 99 years over the area of ​​the former Athens Airport Hellenikon, whose location will be transformed into a file New Dubai With hotels, resorts, marinas and a skyscraper from 45 floors. Advance sales of homes and land have already exceeded 700 million.

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