Big Brother Vip 9 March removed, disqualified, reviewed

    Big Brother Vip 9 March removed, disqualified, reviewed

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    new episode of Big Brother VIP. The program, broadcast in prime time on Channel 5It was full of twists and turns. After the harsh reprimand he made mediaset And The show chose to (almost) censor. Here she is to us summit And flop And also tell you what happened.

    Big Brother VIP March 9, actions against competitors

    to Big Brother VIP On March 9, harsh measures were taken against Hezbollah fiboni. The first to be targeted is Edoardo Tavassi, guilty of throwing a pool cue on the floor after losing a game. His first yellow card arrived: he will be eliminated next time.

    The most outrageous is fate Eduardo Donamariathe protagonist of the novel with Antonella Fiordellisi More successful dynamics out of edition Big Brother VIP. Co-host of forums It was excluded after some unidentified data. Moreover, among his shortcomings is that he snatched a sandwich from his girlfriend’s hands. Donamaria, among other things, was unable to go to the studio because he was disqualified, unlike what happened (for example) with Jennifer Lamborghini.

    Choices are a full part of flop Looking decidedly out of place. The edition (perhaps the most vulgar in the history of the format) had several serious nods, which deserved penalties that never came, though. Now, after reprimanding mediaset And asked to change the line, no tolerance was selected. However, in doing so, the original idea of ​​the formula may be completely distorted. In short: the patch, not as in this case, risks being worse than the hole.

    Dynamic Luca Onestini – Nikita Bellison is back

    to Big Brother VIP March 9, the dynamic between Luca Onestini And Nikita Pelizon. Their case has been several months old, but it recently found new life thanks to a post that Ivana Mrazova made on social media. The latter attacked Pelizon over some of his statements released during the week. Up to this point she is undoubtedly in-between flop Represents a failed attempt to fill in a long live broadcast.

    It was a nice moment, however, one with the protagonist Edward Tavasi. The competitor, also thanks to a clip, told of his love for his grandmother. The space was very impressive and could only end up in summit. The same goes for the friendship between Manila Nazaro And Milena Mikuni. The former rival, in particular, said that he always had the support of the actress, even in difficult moments from the point of view of health.

    Big Brother VIP March 9 maximum who are in the nomination

    On the March 9 episode of Big Brother VIP has been deleted David Donade. The boy, who received a letter from his mother shortly before the verdict, received only 4% of the vote. Milena Mikuni is the second least voted, stopping at 7%. However, the person with the most preferences turned out to be Antonella Fiordelisi with 31%. Finally, the house Send it to the TV Nikita PelizonAnd Daniel Del MoroAnd Andrea Maestrelli And Gael de Donna. One of them gets eliminated on the next Monday’s episode.

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