Biden’s age for re-election is 2024

    Biden’s age for re-election is 2024

    As it has been in the air for some time, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has formalized his re-nomination in the November 2024 presidential election.”My fight will be for the soul of AmericaHe claims. If, as seems certain, Biden is successful in the Democratic primary, Biden will likely take on the same opponent for 2020: Donald Trump.

    In a video clip from April 25th (See below) Outgoing President United States of America His message permeates when he passes pictures of the attack Congress affiliate January 6, 2021. but also some protests In the supreme court in defense of The right to abortion.

    Joe Biden. Photo by Ansa/EPA Shawn Thew

    Biden:We will not feel complacent

    When I ran for president 4 years ago, I said that was it A fight for the soul of America. stillBiden says in the video. “The question we face – he adds – And If only we had more freedom in the years to come or less free. More rights or less rights. It’s not the right time He is satisfied. That is why I am applying to him Re-election“.

    on Twitter First Lady Jill She stepped in to support her husband (and herself) with a message. “It’s been a busy week! And just like four years ago, I went to college and Joe campaigned for re-election!wife wrote Biden. “Let’s finish the job!Then he added, raising the slogan of the outgoing president.

    Republicans:Biden is far from reality

    The reaction of political opponents is harsh Joe Biden Didn’t wait. the the Republican Party stated that the President of the United States is “disconnected from realityIn a statement, the head of the Republican National CommitteeAnd Ronna McDanielconfirms that the party is united in the defeat project Biden In the 2024. and that the AmericansThey are counting down the days until Biden is sent home.”If voters allow Biden to “finish the job,” Inflation will continue to rise amazing Crime will increaseWhenever fentalyn crosses our open borders. the Children will remain marginalized And American families will find themselves worse offreads the press release.

    Presidential election

    According to the Surveys Conducted in recent months, a new electoral challenge between Biden And trump It will be very conflicting. now Biden He leads on average by a few percentage points, but not enough to be able to define himself as having a consistent advantage over his more important opponent. The same applies if a confrontation occurs between Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis. Republican governor L fl He may be the only one who can strike trump In the primaries for Grand Old Party (Job). However, DeSantis is not yet officially fired.

    Former President of the United States, Donald Trump. Image by Ansa/Epa Peter Dasilva

    Democratic primaries

    The democrat primaries will end in conference patriotic party to be held Between 19th and 22nd August affiliate 2024 to Chicago, Illinois, hometown of former President Barack Obama. Except for the big surprises, the Biden primary It must be formalAlso because there is currently no political candidate of great importance other than him.

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