Beware of this device in the house: it is very dangerous for your Internet signal

    Beware of this device in the house: it is very dangerous for your Internet signal

    The thing that everyone has in the house is a real vampire with regard to the Internet signal: this is how it steals the signal and leaves little connection in the house.

    Everyone now has order at home Wifi Which allows you to connect to the Internet via the router, to enjoy spending time on social networks, but also to perform important tasks such as working from home, which are being implemented in the post-pandemic period.

    There are now more and more people working from home, and this implies changing habits that necessarily lead to the need for a fast and strong WiFi connection that allows you to connect at any time.

    However, did you know that some housewives should be called upon to ensure that their Internet connection is always fast and never encounters any problems?

    In particular, there is an object that almost everyone has at home that takes away a lot of network connectivity and makes it very difficult to easily connect to the Internet.

    Home call: the object that clears the grid

    Many of you would probably think that the object in question could be one of those that contain a lot of electromagnetic waves, and therefore through these waves they can disturb the network connection, like a microwave oven that emits a lot of these electromagnetic waves or even electromagnetic waves. TV set.

    But in fact, we are not referring to anything similar, but something that you probably can never expect, since it is an object that almost everyone has in the house and that many often have in larger quantities.

    It’s about the mirror. Yes, the mirror can cause serious connectivity problems as inside the mirrors there is a metal plate that can create serious difficulties in connecting to Wifi, that is why it is always advised to place the mirror at least 1 meter away from the router.

    But the mirror isn’t the only thing that causes communication problems: sofas and dividing walls can be a nuisance. And then, the advice is always to put it high up and away from the outer walls of the apartment, otherwise it will benefit those who stay outside rather than those who live inside. In short, you just have to be a little more careful to get a quick connection. However, there is something in the house that is seriously detrimental to the signal.

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