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Beware of the WhatsApp scam on the Hermès bag: what it is

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tricks on The WhatsApp They are multiplying day by day, some of them are going viral in no time, and they are able to reach thousands of users with the most used communication app in the world. It is in these hours, for example, that a new message is circulating regarding a popular fashion brand, which hides a great danger to people who are less technically savvy.

In fact, many received a fake invitation from Hermes, a French luxury brand, contains a greedy and shady marketing initiative to celebrate an important history of the brand.

In fact, in June 2021, there is no memory of the fashion house, whose story was born 184 Since years In Paris, with its cavalry and horse belt accessories store.

Hermès Kelly Bag for free on WhatsApp: Because it’s a scam

In the chain that goes to WhatsApp, the lucky user is invited to click on a link to redeem a very important gift, a bag from the collection KellyOne of Hermès’ best-selling and most popular products.

Born in the 1930s, thanks to a genius Robert Dumas, future director of the house from 1951 to 1978, the Hermès Kelly bag has a distinctive swing shape, handle and two straps.

The name was given to it in the late 1950s in honor of Grace Kelly, the icon of cinema and the Princess of Monaco, portrayed by the paparazzi with this very piece, which quickly became a status symbol among Hollywood divas.

To understand how Kelly can attract fashion victims and collectors, just consider that a bag of this model, made of crocodile skin, was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for a well. 368 thousand dollars (more than 300 thousand euros). Huge amount, however it allowed the buyer to skip times to get a new one.

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Kelly queues and the other top model, BirkinThere are so many names that it is hard to buy by stepping into the historic workshop on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. It may take years to receive the scholarship.

Free Hermès Kelly Bag on WhatsApp: How to protect yourself from scams

In short, it is clear that Hermès does not intend to abandon such a refined and expensive product. And that WhatsApp is a message that hides a real message Forgery.

In fact, the unfortunate user is asked to pay a modest amount for Shipping expenses, by filling out an online form with your personal data and entering your credit card number.

In addition to funds from numerous small transactions to cover the alleged shipping costs, the scammers also obtained sensitive user information and bank details. real process phishing, which could lower your bank account to 0 and put your savings in the hands of scammers.

As always, the advice is Non don’t click On the links received from messages from The WhatsApp It has been forwarded many times or coming from unknown numbers, especially if it does not lead to the official website of the brand.

It is always best to check online if it has been reported Other fraud casesAnd use common sense when it comes to promotions and offers that are too good to be true. Generally they are not.

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