Beware of strawberries if they come from these areas: they contain pesticides

    Beware of strawberries if they come from these areas: they contain pesticides

    For some time now, supermarket counters have been filled with strawberries, but which ones should you buy? How do you know which strawberries to avoid because of the amount of pesticides?

    Strawberries are a very popular and beloved fruit during the summer, thanks sweet taste and limited availability. Some people use it to prepare Sweets, juices or jams. But which strawberries should be selected in the supermarket to reduce pesticide consumption?

    Strawberry family

    Strawberries belong to a family rosacea, which also includes other fruit plants such as apples, pears, and peaches. There are several types of strawberries, including wild strawberries and cultivated strawberries. Wild strawberries are smaller and taste better More intense Compared to cultivated strawberries, it is larger in size and sweeter.

    Not all strawberries are red. In addition to red strawberries, there are many varieties of strawberries that can have a different color. For example, some types of strawberries Pink, yellow or white.

    Strawberry types

    Varieties of strawberries –

    the Pink strawberryalso called “Alpine strawberrySmall and sweet, with a taste similar to red strawberries. the yellow strawberryOn the other hand, they are rare and have a savory and sweet flavour. Finally, the white strawberry is one of the rarest and has the best taste Sweet and cute Similar to pear.

    It is important to note that regardless of color, all strawberries contain the same health-promoting nutrients. Such as vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

    the red strawberry In particular, they have this color thanks to the presence Natural pigments called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are present in many plants and flowers and are responsible for colours red, purple and blue. In strawberries, anthocyanins are concentrated in the pulp and outer surface of the fruit, giving strawberries their distinctive bright red color.

    Anthocyanins also play an important role in health. They are known to have Antioxidant properties Which can help protect the body from free radical damage and have a positive effect on the heart, nervous system and health immune system. In addition, some studies have suggested that anthocyanins may have a protective effect against some types of cancer.

    Strawberries are pesticides to avoid

    German test called Oko-Test, conducted tests on 14 varieties of strawberries found on supermarket fruit and vegetable counters. The test results raised concerns, as some organic strawberries were found to be of poor quality. second Oko-Teststrawberry varieties from the Spanish province Huelva should be avoidedThis is due to the use of large quantities of pesticides in that region and the lack of adequate environmental protection.

    Strawberry planting

    Strawberry cultivation –

    In particular, insecticides are used for Spanish strawberries erythrymolwhich would theoretically be banned in the European Union. Strawberries also have a stretch bupirimateconsidered carcinogenic. It is also Spinosad Another pesticide, which is present in small amounts in organic strawberries, would be highly toxic to bees.

    Among the safe strawberry varieties, which were not grown with pesticides, are Spanish strawberries from Lidl, organic strawberries from Edeka and Rewe, fresh organic Magallanes strawberries and Aldi Nord’s own Frutania strawberries. However, the cultivation of strawberries in Spain, mainly imported, causes great damage to the environment, as most of them are grown in Andalusia, where Water is scarce Trenches are often dug to find them, which damages the trees Coto de Donana National Park.

    This is a serious problem, as around six million birds live in the area, as reported by the WWF. For this reason, in 2021, the The European Court of Justice imposed sanctions on Spain.

    Ethrymol, piperimate and spinosad, insecticides in strawberries

    Ethrymol, piperimate and spinosad They are all pesticides, that is, chemicals used to protect crops from insects and plant diseases. Ethrymol It is a fungicide used to prevent and treat fungal diseases of plants bupirimate It is an insecticide used to eliminate insects that harm crops.

    the Spinosad Rather, it is a natural insecticide, produced by some bacteria of the genus Saccharopolysporawhich is mainly used to verify Insect invasion in organic crops. However, although spinosad is a relatively less toxic insecticide than other chemicals, it can have a high Toxic to bees and pose health risks.

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