Home Tech Beware of new WhatsApp scam: fake copy steals phone data

Beware of new WhatsApp scam: fake copy steals phone data

Beware of new WhatsApp scam: fake copy steals phone data

Another scam he got involved in in spite of himself The WhatsApp It can cause a Data theft Sensitive devices in the phone. The goal is the owners Iphone: A fake version of the world’s most popular messaging app was suggested on unofficial channels (so it didn’t launchApple Store). But instead of the desired app, unfortunate users found themselves installing a code that could cause affected phones to remotely send confidential information.

WhatsApp, fake iPhone version stealing phone data

The high prevalence of The WhatsApp Long ago to commit fraud. Among the world’s most downloaded apps, it has been attracting hackers on the planet for years who want to exploit its popularity to break into the phones of thousands of victims.

The latest attack on iPhone users was born in Italy. Second MotherboardEverything, together with computer technicians at the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto, the system appears to have been built by the Italian company. Cy4Gate, To be sold for surveillance purposes.

Motherboard discovered that the scam was carried out through specially crafted sites, created with graphics attributed to the real app that belongs to the group. The social networking site FacebookA: There are also instructions on how to install it on your iPhone.

Once the download started, the phones were spied by a file MDM configurationA special profile that defines the iPhone’s behavior according to certain parameters, which are usually used in the company to provide employees’ phones with special settings for internal communications.

WhatsApp, a fake iPhone version that steals phone data: How a hacker attack works

Victims of the fraud, via fraudulent sites, implicitly gave the ability to hackers to install software that the App Store did not approve, as in the case of the fake version of The WhatsAppThe danger, then, is that those who did not trust the official store allowed their phones to do so To send a distance Data such as the SIM and device identification code, as well as other information that researchers have been unable to isolate.

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The surveillance company Cy4Gate, which is believed to be behind the creation of mock sites, will also have institutional themes inside and outside our borders, like the UAE, among its clients. It is not known why and for how long the counterfeit version of The WhatsApp Used it: The premise is that the install page has been suggested for a limited number of topics of interest to Cy4Gate customers.

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