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Between Giovinazzi and Alfa Romeo, it ends badly, scared in the radio team: do not argue

Between Giovinazzi and Alfa Romeo, it ends badly, scared in the radio team: do not argue

After the insulting Alfa Romeo radio team at the US Grand Prix, Antonio Giovinazzi now sees no chance of staying in Formula 1 next year. The Hinwill team’s low wall tone and attitude towards the Italian driver after passing Alonso marks the lowest point in the now-ending relationship.

What is the love story between the Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi and the Sauber – Alfa Romeo Running out is nothing new, but that doesn’t justify The behavior the team retained at the last US Grand Prix Which in fact testifies to the fact that the chances of seeing Apulian in Formula 1 next season are now close to zero. Whether negotiations to sell the team to the Andretti family were successful or not.

It’s not a secret either Preferred team manager Frederic Vasseur, either for economic reasons (Guanyu Zhou or Colton Herta) or probable (Oscar Piastri or Theo Pourchaire), Other pilots at Giovinazzi. So much so that he requested and was given the choice of both seats in the new agreement with the Ferrari engine supplier until the current season was entitled to choose one of the standard bearers for the Hinwil team. One will be occupied by the already announced Valtteri Bottas, and the other is still officially free today.

However, even this does not justify Booked treatment in Austin for the pilot by Martina Franca Which was seen responding poorly in the radio team after the pass, after a Tough duel between wheelsTwo-time world champion Fernando Alonso. In fact, on lap 26 of the Austin race, Giovinazzi was sent off by the Alpine driver, He managed to defend himself and regain his position by crossing the path boundaries. He repeats exactly what his teammate Kimi Raikkonen did before Which this time, unlike what happened in Turkey, exchanged positions without saying a word.

The Unequal treatment of Alfa Romeo’s wall towards its drivers However it was clear. While No contact has been made to the Finnish expert, Team Hinwill Giovinazzi ordered to immediately return the position to Alonso In order not to be subjected to a possible penalty by the direction of the race. The Italian defended himself Explaining that he was forced to cross the path limits Because he was expelled from the aggressive maneuver of the Spaniard (Practically the same dynamic that led Sergio Perez to cross the goal line and get back on track in a duel with Hamilton in Istanbul that ended without any judgment from the commissioners.)

but it exists Difficult repeat by Alfa Romeo To mention that Antonio Giovinazzi’s love story is a love story that ends in the worst possible way. on the radio Actually Hinwil stable men, with a Annoyed and angry toneInstead of defending him, they butchered the Italian driver: “Don’t argue, just give him the position“A really bad way to dismiss a driver we’ve worked with for the past three years who at least deserves more respect.

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