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      Better than dad?  Here is who

    The Brick Salon was created for the offspring of some great Italian families. It is located around Gva Redilco and Sigest, a real estate consulting, brokerage and services company headed by Giuseppe Amitrano. The most important investment is that of the Berlusconi family, through a 14-decade headed Luigi Berlusconi. This is the financial company that brings together the interests of the children from whom the knight descended Veronica Lario.

    The family office of the young Berlusconi includes other golden heirs. They are called Marzotto, Doris, Alessandre (Technogym) and the de Brabant family working in the field of the new economy. The new shareholders have “long-term goals” the memorandum sets out to support Gva Redilco “on its expansion path also through acquisitions internationally.” Another important direction of growth “will be represented by more investments in technology and digital, with the aim of innovating the entire real estate sector, along with great interest in human capital to attract and enhance the best talent, who will be at the center of the future participation plan in the contribution structure.”

    Gva Redilco is a rapidly expanding reality. It was listed for the fourth year in a row among Italian companies.Growth Champions 2022» Annual ranking compiled by the German Institute for Quality and Finance. The survey aims to reward the Italian excellence that in the three-year period 2017-2020 recorded the highest average annual growth rate, driving development and competitiveness in the country. Gva Redilco log file The average annual growth rate is 22%. Holdings 14, which owns 21.4% of Fininvest, closed last year with a profit of 44.5 million. In 2020, despite the unknown factor, Covid earned three million more than in 2019. Luigi and his sisters (Barbara and Eleonora) gave a steady dividend of 21 million (7 million each).

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