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Best New PlayStation Store Deals

Best New PlayStation Store Deals

Sony is always looking forward to PlayStation Plus subscribers. In addition to the free games renewing month after month, they also regularly offer a series of exclusive discounts, such as the ones active on the PlayStation Store as we write to you. Subscribers to the Premium Service can benefit from a double discount compared to the discount reserved for all other players, thus saving an appropriate amount on Some of the best video games available on PS4 and PlayStation 5. Here are the ones that, in our opinion, are the best dual discounts currently available on the digital shelves of the Sony Store. You have until March 4th To take advantage of it!

The Outer Worlds (PS4) – € 23.99 for Plus subscribers

One of the most beautiful surprises of 2019, Outside worlds It is a one-person sci-fi RPG game set in Halcyon, a space colony on the edge of the galaxy run by an unscrupulous group of companies. According to the genre tradition, Obsidian Entertainment’s business allows you to do so Character development and craft his story completely freely.

In the course of the adventure, you can take the actions that you think are the most appropriate, without certain restrictions, and make many different decisions while interacting with a large variety of non-player characters. The outer worlds make freedom of approach its foundational element, and it permeates them as well An artful and sharp paradox, Which works as a perfect natural result even for deep subjects. You will learn more by reading what we have Outer Worlds Review.

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DiRT 5 (PS4 & PS5) – € 34.99 for Plus subscribers

We completely changed the genre to jump cars Dirt 5, A crowd experience that remains true to the essence of the series through its presentation The right mix of arcade and simulation. Codemasters has more than 70 tracks spread across 10 different regions of the world, from the icy waters of the East River in New York to the streets surrounding Christ the Savior in Brazil, to the illuminated Northern Lights in Norway.

The choice of cars is selective and suitable for all types of road surfaces and weather conditions, which in DiRT 5 They are dynamic and ever-changing. They range from classic rally cars to 900 horsepower racing cars, without missing a rallycross GT, truck, wagon and muscle car. DiRT5 is also optimized for PlayStation 5, This means that on Sony’s next-generation console, in addition to enjoying superior graphics quality, you can also experiment 120fps mode On compatible TVs.

No Man’s Sky (PS4 & PS5) – € 25.49 for Plus subscribers

Listed as one of the best examples when we discuss games with the best post-launch support, No Mans Sky It has come a long way since its launch nearly five years ago, to become a One of the best space simulators on PC and console.

The Hello Games title allows you to explore a massive galaxy made up of one galaxy Many planets are procedurally generated, Which maintains constant and surprising surprises: animal and plant life forms are varied and fascinating, NPCs are an endless repository of new stories and discoveries that never cease to like, especially if they are shared with your friends thanks to multiplayer. No Man’s Sky, too Updated to support PlayStation 5It delivers 4K and 60fps resolution and instant uploads. Not even the call is lost PlayStation VR compatibility.

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Borderlands 3: Next Level Edition (PS4 & PS5) – € 25,49 per gli abbonati Plus card

The shooter shooter series par excellence didn’t even disappoint with this third installment, which Expanded the horizon of the series Offer a chance to wreak havoc, collect millions of weapons and kick villains on three new planets, plus the ever-dirt and crazy Pandora.

Born out of the power vacuum that arose after the defeat of Handsome Jack, a sect of maniacs led by the Calypso twins intend to seize the map of the galaxy’s crypts. Up to four new Hunters – Amara (the Mermaid), Moze (Gunner), Zane (Agent) and Fl4k (Tamer) – to free the universe from their fanaticism and, at the same time, secure Embarrassing amount of loot. Without revolutionizing that, Borderlands 3 effectively combines the series’ legacy by expanding it into every single component and improving some of the mechanics that outlive its time. The gameplay is always fun and addicting, and even more so if you encounter it in the company of three other friends.

The The next version of the level It also includes new cosmetic packages Final multiverse shape, Which contains new models and matching headers for all four Vault Hunters. Read to us Borderlands 3 Review.

Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4 & PS5) – € 19.99 for Plus subscribers

The First Mortal Kombat Trailer She raised you and now you feel you are giving her a good reason? Then you have to take advantage of the big discount applied to Mortal Kombat 11, The excellent final chapter in Ed Boone’s Thirty Years Saga.

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Extremely violentExciting technology Mortal Kombat 11 One of the best piacchiaduro in recent years, The concentration of classical elements and new mechanics defining features of production is well above average. Story Mode easily overcomes the limits of an affiliation type, thanks to one Cinema direction And a technical sector with attention to every detail, while the combat system (groups are shorter than they have been in the past) has been simplified and accelerated, without depriving it of a healthy dose of strategy. The deaths, for their part, are sicker, bloody, and more exciting than ever.

Mortal Kombat 11 also supports PlayStation 5You can be proud of it 4K dynamic resolution and 60fps frame rate. Read to us Mortal Kombat 11 review.

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