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Best European Cities to Travel Solo

Best European Cities to Travel Solo
Credits: Daria Obimaha

The number of solo travelers, who choose to travel alone, has increased in recent years, Especially among women. These five European cities, which can be reached with short trips from Milan, make it possible to travel alone.

Best European Cities to Travel Solo

#1 Paris

Credits: Daria Obimaha

Paris Fashion and Arts City. the many Subway lines Moreover, they ensure that you can travel quickly to reach the most remote points of the city with a certain safety. Despite the rumors about them, especially those of us Italians, the Parisians know how to prove themselves hospitable to touristsThis makes the solo trip easier.

#2 London

Credits: Pixource

Even after Brexit, London stayed One of the most popular destinations for European tourists. The city offers the most diverse types of entertainment, From theater to architecture to bars. Good service is also provided in the capital of the United Kingdom at the level Public transport, This feature makes it possible to keep up with the fast-paced life of the city despite its size. many public spaces They offer constant activities and the possibility of joining the most diverse groups of people, preferring the socialization of those who do not know anyone.

#3 Berlin

Credits: OpheliaCherryBlossom

You have a tragic past that you don’t want to forget Berlin is the city of memory, but it is also the city of music, art, and modernity. The cradle of many pictorial and architectural avant-garde and home European electronic musicBerlin is a close and organized city but also vibrant, it actually hosts extravagant music festivals, and for those who love sports, it hosts very popular matches. It also has easy access to the German capital Thanks to public transportation, which are highly controlled, providing an atmosphere of protection and security essential to the individual traveler.

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#4 Lisbon

picture on Richard McCall Give Pixabay

Lisbon is a city Fado, Azuleus and the ocean. The fado It refers to the gloom that emerges from ancient architecture, as a result of the continuous recovery of a city tormented by the passage of centuries. The Azuleus With its brilliant blue and brilliant white, it represents the city’s festive air, with its colorful little trams and cobblestone streets. While Ocean It guarantees the mild climate that all European travelers are looking for. Its atmosphere is a small rural town, accompanied by wide streets and efficient transportation, They create an aura of intimacy and intimacy Which helps to travel accompanied by oneself.

#5 Barcelona

picture on Jeff Chabot Give Pixabay

capital of Catalonia, Barcelona maintains a Spanish and cosmopolitan spirit at the same time. Home of Gaudì and the traffic city of Picasso and Miró, the city has high potential Architectural Technician. From the beach to Park Jewel It can be visited on foot, passing through the large Ramblas However, public transportation is numerous to get from one museum to another. Barcelona never sleeps, music rages in the streets from dawn to dawn, and groups of jubilant people are not afraid to include anyone controlled by uniformed agents. They keep order Without humidifying the party air.

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