Home Economy Benelli’s new adventure 650 with a V2 engine? – News

Benelli’s new adventure 650 with a V2 engine? – News

  Benelli's new adventure 650 with a V2 engine?  - News

Filed in China before Qianjiang Motorcycles Project drawings for a new adventure model.
This is especially interesting because it is the signatory company that controls and produces branded motorcycles Benelli Then why on this road enduro drive debut Two V-shaped cylinders.

As always in these recording stages, it’s all about digital designs (posted by Bennetts), but is fundamental to the method patent. aesthetics It definitely breaks with the previous TRK, and other versions using the same technical basis are sold in China under the QJ Motor brand.
No more “beak” and BMW GS quotes but a leaner line that looks in some ways to rally bikes.

The design includes wheels in the dimensions 19 inch front 17 rear (rims with spokes for tubeless tires), inverted fork and monochrome rear. – Frame follows tradition in structure trellis TRK series steel tubes.

However, the most interesting thing is precisely the engine. It’s the first of its kind with V2 . scheme after the youngest 300 It was seen on the cruiser recently introduced under the QJ Motor brand.
The offset must be around 650 cc, the V between the cylinders appears to be 90 degrees and the distribution is of the dual axle type.

He remembers so much Suzuki 650 from SV e V-tree, from what we see, an engine that generates just over 70 hp in a Euro 5 configuration.
In this aspect, regarding Suzuki’s mechanics, it is naturally difficult to make assumptions: very little is known about the new project.

It is not even known if it will be used with the brand Benelli or QJ Motor, the area of ​​the emblem on the tank is the same, but it is known how to use the two brands’ models same platforms Engine/chassis with variations on cycling gear and a little more.

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At this moment Benelli 502 TL Continue to sell well and know that the offer TRK 802, always with a two-cylinder in-line engine. Medium offset and a different stylistic definition would make sense within Benelli’s current roster.
we will see.

Source Bennetts.co.uk

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