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Behind the frame the most beautiful landscape, the review

Behind the frame the most beautiful landscape, the review

The painter is bent on drawing a picture to send to an art gallery. It is an abstract landscape in which I have already defined what the surfaces will be, tracing black lines, but lacking the colors to complete them. However, the woman lets herself be distracted by the neighbor, which is inevitable: he is an old man who lives alone with a cat. He is also a painter, and when looking out his window he notices that some of his paintings are similar to the ones hanging in his house (a bohemian-romantic attic where other artists may have stayed in the past).

Thus, the realization of his new work alternates with the search for the truth about the mystery that surrounds his home and his neighbour: what is the relationship between them? Who is this man? Why, despite not knowing him, is somewhat familiar to him? What is hidden behind those paintings? Why do they seem part of one big story? These and other questions are the basis Behind the frame the most beautiful landscape، reconsidering, is a true bonsai, perfect in its limits.

Mode picture

Painter behind the frame the most beautiful landscape and his charming neighbor
Painter behind the frame the most beautiful landscape and his charming neighbor

Behind the frame the most beautiful landscape is basically aPictorial adventure Where you have to solve puzzles to move the story forward. Then we spend time looking for and collecting objects, following visual clues, such as footprints left by the neighbor’s cat or strange messages on the computer, and sketching what the painter noticed to get ideas on how to move forward. Eggs and toast are also cooked and you drink hot coffee, so you don’t miss out on a touch of narrative simplicity.

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I puzzle They are in themselves not very complicated and serve above all to enrich the mystery that is revealed picture by picture which can be solved in just over an hour. Certainly the main feature of the game is that drawing is involved in the gameplay and in the story being told, with the player often called upon to complete the boards by coloring them or adding details (don’t worry, you don’t have to. Know how to draw, because it’s all directed Extremely). Between chapter and chapter, there will also be animated scenes, well done (even if they are victims of some bugs in our testing, to the point where we thought at one point we were blocked), that will add detail to the story, making it progress toward its natural ending.

Unfortunately, we cannot go into too much detail about the puzzles or the narrative because they are so intertwined that the risk of inappropriate expectations is very high. Let’s say a good adventurer won’t have big problems getting to the head of the mystery, because most of the adventure takes place in one environment where something is not easy to miss.

Despite the basic simplicity and short duration, Behind the Frame the most beautiful landscaping has proven to be an experience Fascinating Poetic and profound, despite its narrow dimensions. The subtle and refined visual style, or the story itself, would touch all the right chords, without ever going overboard, but we were really impressed with the positivity. Consider it a good movie to spend an evening with, as an alternative to the usual carnage offered by video games.

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