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12-13 Shoot Egonu with your eyes closed and find the scope!!!

11-13 What is the diagonal of Boskovic! Super help from Popovic.

11-12 a great defense of Serbia on Igono and then the counterattack of Boskovic.

11-11 Bosetti’s dipping veered off the tape.

11-10 again Posetti’s wall!! costly!

10-10 crashing sky Boskovic crossing the fence!

10-9 Diagonal EGONUUUUUU!!!!

9-9 Morata Pietrini da Bossa.

9-8 is still the invasion, the lever is still disturbed. Same error before.

9-7 Boskovic is wrong!! Lots of spin!! Break feature!

8-7 a wall trapped in the river!! perfect !!

7-7 full Bossa attack!

7-6 Milinkovic’s bad reception! We are ahead!

6-6 stone and wall attack.

5-6 Naive Danes: An Air Conquest.


4-5 foul in hitting Boskovic.

3-5 Bosetti touches Boskovic’s attack! There was a supernatural defense of Italy.

3-4 Moro Igono and Danesi for Milinkovic’s attack!!

2-4 Fehr’s foul, Serbia keeps the break.

2-3 There is a twist on Petrini’s attack!

1-3 Practice the Bossa Attack.

1-2 we answer with Egonuuuu!!!!

0-2 Serbia starts strong and Ogninovic directs the attack towards Igono.

0-1 on the spot great service from Boskovic!

9.59 Italy includes Malinov, Di Gennaro, Bosetti, Danisi, Fehr, Pietrini and Igono. For Serbia: Bosa, Popovic, Ojninovic, Rasic, Popovic, Boskovic and Milinkovic.

9.57 There is now a mamili hymn to charge the girls!! Go blue!!!

9.56 The Serbian anthem echoes: The players are already on the field.

9.54 Serbia also finished their group second: victories in three groups against the Dominican Republic, Japan, Kenya and South Korea, and a defeat in four part-time matches against Brazil.

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9.51 Then came two painful defeats: the clear defeat by China (3-0) and the other by the United States (3-2). These two incidents along the way have complicated the course for Blues who find themselves in front of the vice Olympic and world champions.

9.49 On his way into this Olympic tournament, Italy led by David Mazanti opened the tournament with only one set left in the matches against Russia (3-0), Turkey (3-1) and Argentina (3-0).

9.46 Whoever wins this highly anticipated confrontation will find the United States in the semi-finals, which in the morning eliminated the Dominican Republic without much difficulty 3-0 (25-11, 25-20, 25-19).

9.43 is played at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, a multi-purpose building that was the venue for all of the volleyball challenges of these Olympics, for both men and women.

9.41 There were seven more precedents between Italy and Serbia after the last game: Boskovic and his teammates won six times, and the Mazanti national team only triumphed in May 2019 in the Nations League.

9.38 On that occasion, the slaves won 3-2 in a sports fight that only ended in the final tiebreak: 21-25, 25-14, 23-25, 25-19, 15-12.

9.36 It’s a quarter-final match that feels like a predictable final: These two national teams played the Japan World Cup Final in October 2018.

9.33 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Serbia, the women’s Olympic Volleyball Quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics.

Challenge ShowProgram, schedule and TV from Italy and Serbia

Good morning friends OA sports and you are welcome Live text from Italy and Serbia, a challenge that I deserve Women’s Volleyball Quarter-finals at the Tokyo Olympics. These two superpowers of volleyball in the world play a place in the top four which means breaking into the medals.

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L ‘Italy It comes from two bitter defeats in the last two group matches: the Mazanti girls lost 3-0 to the elimination already. China And stumbled on the tiebreak by knockout against United States of America. Although the Blues have already passed the Tour with only two matches left, these two incidents have complicated the path to the quarter-finals that now faces the outgoing 2018 World Champion and outgoing Vice Olympic champions, Serbia. Zoran Terzic.

Boskovic And their comrades are convinced in their gathering, and take second place: victories against them Dominican Republic (3-0), against Japan (3-0), against Kenya (3-0) and South Korea (3-0).. The only defeat came at the hand of Brazil 3-1.

Italy and Serbia played there World Cup Final 2018 With the slaves who prevailed 15-12 in the tiebreak. In the 2019 European Championships, it was always Serbia that won, in this case in four parts. During the previous 19 run, Italy had won only six times. In the quarter-finals, a kind of taboo, a black beast, would be dispelled.

Brought to you by OA Sport LIVE LIVE integration subordinate Tokyo Olympics women’s volleyball quarter-finals between Italy and Serbia. Whoever wins, enters the top four and thus in the race for medals. It starts at 17.00 Japanese time, 10.00 Italian time, and we will continue with a little progress to present this event in the best possible way. Have fun!

Photo: La Presse

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