Home Top News Beats Announces $ 50 Bluetooth Headphones – TechCrunch

Beats Announces $ 50 Bluetooth Headphones – TechCrunch

Beats Announces $ 50 Bluetooth Headphones - TechCrunch

Apple clearly has a lot to announce during today’s big iPhone event. This means, as usual, his Beats streak never gets any love. The company offers a lot more content to focus on its audio offerings, instead. But the Apple-owned brand has some news to share today, too.

Unlike Apple’s offerings, the new Beats has a heavy focus on price. At $ 50, the Beats Flex is about a third of the launch price of its predecessors, the BeatsX. It certainly makes sense; With prices dropping dramatically on wireless earbuds in the past few years, Beats is trying to carve out much less than $ 100.

Headphones have a similar yoke form factor, as they hang around the wearer’s neck when not in use. A magnetic mechanism pauses the music when it catches the buds together – a different way to the surrounding sensors that more expensive models use to pause playback when the wearer removes a bud from their ear.

Audio is enhanced thanks to a new audio driver and improved BeatsX microphone. The battery is also getting a big upgrade. Now rated as Healthy 12 Hours – which means you’ll be spending a day without a charging case required. Good news, because there is no charging issue here, to talk about. There’s also fast charging thanks to the USB-C port. It should get about an hour and a half of playtime with 10 minutes of charging.

The headphones are available for pre-order today and come in four colors.

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