Batteries What to do in winter if you have electricity or an electrical plug I These tricks avoid nasty surprises

    Batterie auto elettriche d

    Electric car batteries in the cold winter.

    When it comes to car batteries, but not only, we know how managing recharges and various other factors affect their health and therefore their longevity. However, a battery, no matter how good and well-handled it is, will eventually wear out. But given its cost, it’s a good idea to follow a few tricks. Are the batteries of hybrid and electric cars excluded from this? Let’s find out together.

    Batteries are cells in which a chemical reaction occurs between two elements, usually one in the liquid state and the other in the solid state, the cathode and the anode. When the two electrodes are connected, there is a flow of electrons and thus an electric current, which is however of the continuous type at 6V, 12V or 24V. Since a car’s engine needs 220 volts of current, there is an alternator that allows the energy to be converted, making it usable.

    As we know from chemistry, the efficiency of endothermic reactions depends strongly on temperature. Ideally, therefore, chemical reactions are needed Car batteries work best between 15 and 25 degrees. Above and below these temperatures, batteries perform worse or deteriorate faster right on time. here because It is difficult to start the car when it is very cold, Especially in the winter when it starts to get cold, the car is parked all night in the extreme cold which can drop the temperature below zero.

    In this article We’ve told you about the best tricks to avoid problems with your car battery in the winter, but how do they work with fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids? Are there differences? Let’s find out below.

    How to maintain electric car batteries in winter

    You will be surprised to know that Electric car batteries work in the same way as conventional cars. The only difference is that they are also used to generate movement of the vehicle and not just to start and manage the electrical system, and they are much more powerful. For the rest, the stoichiometry changes.

    Efficiency of electric vehicle batteries as a function of temperature.
    Efficiency of electric vehicle batteries as a function of temperature [(°F − 32) × 5/9 = °C].

    In electric and hybrid cars, lithium-ion batteries are generally used, which guarantee more power than lead-acid batteries and other elements of conventional cars. But the physico-chemical parameters to which they are subjected are the same, and here extremely low temperatures are the enemy of batteries. Not surprisingly, Tesla introduces preheating of its electric car batteries when using high-capacity super-fast charging. a trick that has since been adopted by other automakers.

    The advice we can give, so are they from Store the electric vehicle in a temperature controlled environmentAnd the Not less than 5 degrees in winter. The ideal is the presence of a garage inside the villa, accessed by the heating system. Second, those who live in environments that get very cold in the winter may want to prefer an electric vehicle with a heat pump heating system, which is more efficient and consumes less electricity, so the batteries will discharge less quickly and last more cycles in equal trips. But otherwise, the batteries They have a beginning and an end. Generally those Electric cars I am from Replace approximately every 7 yearsWhile the traditional types last from 3 to 5 years on average.

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