Batman: Why is Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight America favorite?

    Batman: Why is Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight America favorite?

    Batman He is a superhero who, despite his birth in the dark and mysterious pages of DC Comics, has increased his fame thanks to the small and big screen, always with different interpreters, each in his own way, trying to surround his multifaceted and complex images psychology. As in the James Bond movie saga, which has presented different actors representing the historical and social context of the reference, the different Dark Knight movies (and the different stars who played him) are also subject to changes and transformations. This means that it is really impossible to pre-select the best version of Batman, but, statistically speaking, it is possible to determine what is the audience’s favourite. What appeared recently is that of the Caped Crusader Michael Keatonwho appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, actually is A darling among American viewers. It is therefore appropriate to ask ourselves why this choice, given that, with the passage of time, other interesting versions have alternated.

    The well-known Dark Knight

    Michael Keaton in a scene from Batman Returns (1992)

    Michael Keaton in a scene from Batman Returns (1992)

    If it is not possible to identify the best overall actor who lent his face to Batman, we can nevertheless object to the type of character that was built, as well as in relation to the historical era. As much from Christian Bale (second in ranking according to the aforementioned stats), who fashioned a modern Bruce Wayne perfectly integrated into Nolan’s noodles, as well as from Ben Affleck (in third place), who instead embodied the darker sides of vigilante, Michael Keaton brings it out in a visceral way. Indeed, in Keaton’s version, which is perhaps most closely associated with the field of “old” comics, the duality between Batman and Wayne is very clear, with the former being a flawless and fearless hero and the latter a wealthy, elegant and worldly man. A distinctive characterization emerges from him, especially because he gives the audience a classic image of the superhero, with a secret identity and everyday clothes that he can never part with.

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    crystallization over time

    Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Batman

    Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Batman

    But at this point, it is pertinent to ask why, despite the various transformations that the world of comics and gods have undergone cinematographic Over the years, the American public is still fond of a kind of hero, historian W Old school. Certainly, because it brings to mind the stereotype that, although leaving some traces still today, has almost completely disappeared, namely that particular problematic personality who has two distinct sides of himself. Now, if you think about it, it’s much more common to identify with a unique personality with a thousand faces rather than one that radically changes identity. In the latter case, as Stevenson teaches us with the example of The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeWe really see two distinct characters on screen, with a clear duality between one identity and another rather than one individual with multiple personalities. A narrative paradigm with deep cultural roots that can only be crystallized over time, and is therefore also appreciated today.

    Birdman’s arc

    Birdman: Michael Keaton challenges Edward Norton in a scene from the movie

    Birdman: Michael Keaton challenges Edward Norton in a scene from the movie

    There is also another element to consider that is perhaps crucial to understanding why Michael Keaton is the most popular Batman by Americans. In American cinema, in particular, there is a novel that, even outside the cinema, remains immortal, that is, the man who fights against adverse times and redeems himself, with his own revenge. We’ve just seen it, these days, with Brendan Fraser, who beyond his exceptional Oscar-winning performance in The Whale exemplifies the perfect Narrative. The same thing happened with Michael Keaton in different ways. If the actor after Batman was stuck in the limbo of acting without ever ending, unable to separate himself from the character, he was Birdman From Iñárritu to change things. The movie, with its strong autobiographical components, finally allowed the actor to mock and then overcome his obstacles, making him come back stronger than before. Another tale of irresistibly epic revenge, with heroic undertones, almost a touchpoint with Gotham’s alter ego.

    Shy return to cinema

    The Flash Trailer 3

    Flash: Image taken from the trailer

    A direct consequence of this appreciation is that, once again, Keaton is given plenty of space in the superhero world, giving him the opportunity to return to his origins, without fueling the cage of other acting. It is no coincidence that, in marvelembodied in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Vulture, A.I bastards Among the many but not the most famous and also his involvement in The Flash attracts more fan service of real narrative utility, at least as far as we know today. In fact, if it’s true that he’d have more significance than Affleck’s Batman, to some like a cameo, he probably wouldn’t have value beyond a solo project, even considering the entire DC universe re-established by James Gunn. So, with this gimmick, Keaton continues to maintain an actor’s independence that still allows him to vary between species, without having to consider cinematographic.

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    An interesting fact, but still partial

    The Flash Michael Keaton poster

    The Flash: Michelle Keaton character poster

    In the end, as weird as it was to analyze this particular statistic against Michael Keaton’s Batman, it’s still a partial number. Insignificantly, the USA, if taken as a sample, certainly does not represent the whole world and it would be interesting to do the same research, but expand it on a global scale. One thing is for sure: Beetlejuice actor – Piggy Sprite e Founder He is the most reflective and deserving Dark Knight Americans deserve and we will see if this statistic remains the same in the years to come. The only aspect that remains constant, regardless of people’s tastes, numbers, and esteem, is the novelty of a character like Batman, who, regardless of characteristics and historical era into which he was introduced, remains a milestone in the world of entertainment, a superhero, wrapped in his dark cloak. , willing to sow blind and pure justice, chasing an impossible dream of morality.

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