Basketball, the heart of the mighty Kanker Orzi, sends Martina to Boston

    Basketball, the heart of the mighty Kanker Orzi, sends Martina to Boston

    Orzinuovi community, in a very difficult sports season for the club, has already won its championship. The initiative already took shape in November, and implemented it Kanker Orzi, the historical cheerleading group Organized by Agribertocchi, who wanted to support Martina, a 13-year-old Ursian girl was born with a very rare disease called Spg50, which forces her to face enormous difficulties in everyday life. The little girl must arrive in Boston, USA, for specific treatments at the local Children’s Hospital, the only clinical institute in the world to treat this disease.

    The Kankers organized quickly. Go to the subscription to the prizes (today there will be a raffle), which produced a large amount: Seven thousand euros. A real success for Biancolbleu supporters, who wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the initiative, with a press release. “Canker Orzi – we read – we thank everyone who participated in the success of this group. Starting with Orcean merchants who presented many prizes: jewelers, bars, restaurants, activities of all kinds.” We thank those who “did their best to sell tickets and at the same time those who bought them and who worked behind the scenes. Sincere thanks to everyone ».

    One Great generosity message, which reflects the great passion the organizing group has shown to the entire community for years. The group of enthusiasts is led by leader Giorgio Policino who, along with family and work commitments, devotes his heart and time to this shirt that feels most sewing. Therefore, for Orzinovi, comes a great victory, in Championship beyond baskets. Helping Martina achieve her dream is everyone’s dream. In this regard, Kankers remembers that the opportunity to help a few big fans doesn’t end there. To support Martina, the “Sunbeam of Marty Uduff” association was opened, which will raise funds to give a future and hope to a girl who is now the “adopted daughter” of all Orcian supporters and for an entire city. Anyone wishing to contribute can do so at any time, through the association’s IBAN number: IT90U0839354850002090022661 (reason: donation). Meanwhile, on the parquet.

    Moving from solidarity to camp as announced, The official announcement of Aaron Epps has also arrived. After the inclusion of Slovenian winger Matic Rebek, Agribertocchi Orzinuovi officially announced the “cut” of the American through a press release: “Agribertocchi Orzinuovi has officially informed the contract termination by mutual consent with the player. Epps will return to the United States for family reasons.” The case was quickly closed, with Rebek has already entered On the chessboard of Massimo Bulleri in view of the resumption of the tournament scheduled for January 2, when Orzinuovi hosts the battleship Udine.