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Barcelona- Paris Saint-Germain, my forever friend or me Eni? February 16 TV


For the first evening on TV, Tuesday 16 February on RaiUno at 21.25 hours “Forever My Girlfriend” will be broadcast. Country music star Liam Page ditched his girlfriend Josie at the altar in favor of fame and fortune. However, he never forgot Josie and never stopped loving her. Returning to his hometown later to attend the funeral of his best friend in high school, Liam will find himself having to deal with the consequences of everything he left behind.

Canal 5 at 9 pm The Barcelona-Paris Saint-Germain match will be broadcastValid for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The big challenge between the Catalans to the Messi phenomenon and the finalists of the latest edition is presented, led by Mbappe directly from the Camp Nou. The commentary will be entrusted to Pierluigi Pardo with the technical commentary of Massimo Paganin. Then, again on the main Mediaset network, “Champions League Live”, Alberto Brandi performed after the match with the guests in the studio Bernardo Corradi, Ricardo Ferre, Sandro Sabatini and Graziano Cesari for all slow motion situations.

In Italia1 at 9.15pm weekly appointment with “Le Iene Show”. Heading the episode is Alessia Marcuzzi, Nicolas Savino, with the unpopular voices of Gialappa. Beginning in mid-March, the broadcast doubles with the Thursday episode, Always Prime Time, which alternately witnesses a trio action made up of Julio Giulia, Filippo Roma, Matteo Viviani and all-female cast by Nina Palmeri, Roberta Rey and Veronica Rogeri.
A Mediaset press release specifies: “The main topic of the first episode will be the topic of the hour, but there will be inquiries, reporting services, interviews and jokes, as always, for the program’s reporters. In particular, Nina Palmieri will return to the story of Carlo Gilardi, which is A wealthy benefactor for Airuno, a town in Lecco County, who has been in RSA apparently against his will since October 27, with the latest developments in these early weeks of New Year. Meanwhile, the escrow authority is also following up on Mr. Carlo’s case and evaluating the intervention until ” The general condition of Professor Gillardi’s life could be re-evaluated soon, ”as stated in an official memorandum. According to the guarantor, there will be“ an implicit and realistic restriction of personal freedom ”that does not respect“ principles relating to the will and self-determination of the elderly and the handicapped ”as stipulated in Article 13 of the Constitution (“The person of liberty is inviolable”, ed.), From the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It relies exclusively on voice, as the interaction only takes place through live chat. The service will attempt to analyze any critical privacy issues and data ownership in its possession. There is also room for intervention by actor and voice actor Luca Ward with whom the reporter talks about the increasingly central role of voice in the media. Also on the air is a new report prepared by Giorgio Rometti (also known as Gaston Zama) about the expected transfer of our compatriot Chico Forte, an Italian businessman who was sentenced in 2000 to life imprisonment in the United States for the murder of Del Pike, who is serving his sentence in a Florida prison. The victim of the evening’s joke will be Floriana Skandi, winner of the third edition of Big Brother in 2003. The one-on-one interview with very young rapper, singer and songwriter Madame, known to the public thanks to her song “Sciccherie” and the competition in the next edition of the Sanremo Festival.

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Space for news and politics on RaiTre, Rete4 and La7. On the third public television network at 21.20 there is#KartabiancaOn Rete4 at 21.25 inches, conducted by Bianca BerlingerOutside the coreConducted by Mario Giordano; at La7 at 9.15 pmTuesdayLed by Giovanni Flores.

A new evening full of smiles and humor on RaiDue at 21.20 with “Tonight anything is possible”, The comedy show by Stefano Di Martino. On the stage of the Rai Auditorium in Naples, all guests will enjoy several major TV games, feel the good show, first and foremost the Tilt Room. No racing, just entertainment and lightness. In this episode, titled “The Animal World”, as well as the show’s permanent guests, Biagio Ezo, Francesco Paulantoni and Vincenzo de Lucia, whose copycats are scattered on TV and on the web and who will play Maria de Felipe this week, and there will be Sergio Frescia, Andrea DeLogo, Clementino, Barbara Foria, Gianluca Fobelli, Anna Capasso, and Paula di Benedetto. He also presented, as usual, the mascot of the program: the panda, “animated” by dancer Egon Polzon.

For those who prefer seeing a Movie, On Rai4 at 21.20 there is “Il Primo Re”; On Rai5 at 9.15 pm “In the name of my daughter”; On Iris at 21.10 “That train to Yuma” and at Italia2 at 21.10 “Police School 5 – Destination Miami”.

Finally, on La7D at 9:30 PM, the TV show “Drop Dead Diva” must be mentioned; On La5 at 9.15 pm, a replica of the “Grande Fratello Vip” and on Mediaset Extra will be streamed live from the home of the Big Brother Vip.

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These are the programs scheduled for tonight except for last-minute changes made by TV networks.

A photo from the Mediaset press office

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