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    (ANSA) – MILAN, June 10 – A clear withdrawal of credit and a target for financial products: the gap between the two main areas of activity of the Italian banking sector is widening significantly, as agencies are now increasingly similar to financial stores. This is what emerged from the analysis of Fabi, the Italian banking association. Moreover, the topic will be at the heart of the 127 / o National Council of Fabi, scheduled for June 13-15 in Milan.

    Last year, the research highlights that of a total of 82 billion euros in revenue, those related to commissions amounted to 53.6% (equivalent to 44 billion) of the total, compared to 46.4% (equivalent to 38 billion) of income attributable to loans granted. For companies and families. In 2020, the gap was less than 1 percentage point (50.4% vs. 49.6%): 39.5 billion vs. 38.7 billion. The gap between commissions and loans increased from 688 million to 5.8 billion in just 12 months. In percentage terms, the gap has gone from less than 1 percentage point to more than 8 percentage points.

    In the past 11 years, the entire Italian banking circle has burned more than 15 billion of this part of the “business” associated with loans (interest margin) in favor of “other income”.

    Banks, now, “are giving up lending and this is mainly based on the fact that loans are an increasingly unprofitable and complex activity. In short, many costs, many risks, but little profitability”, says Fabi’s General Secretary, Lando Maria Celoni. (Dealing).

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