Bank Account, Here’s Your Risk: ‘Be Careful’

    Bank Account, Here's Your Risk: 'Be Careful'

    Opening a bank account is most important Entering the world of work. Nowadays, then, different technologies are converging for young people in our time, It wasn’t exactly the sameToday, as soon as we open our checking account, through a simpleand management applications In our smartphones we can control it Balance, income and expenses, schedule transfers, set rotating and so on. They are different, then compromises management costs that characterize the maintenance of an open account; below a certain age threshold, For example, for many lenders They don’t exist.

    However, such costs are often charged as well by the amount of money deposited. In the event that it is not the first opening, in fact, a large amount can be transferred from your first account to the new one Raising maintenance costs. For example, less than 5,000 euros there are no such expenses, while once this limit is exceeded, it is generated Fixed monthly or annual fee.

    Risks of opening the account

    Risks of opening the account It can be different And depending on the situation, there may be problems Reversible or not. One of the biggest risks, for example, is that the bank, in the event of bankruptcyFailure in a guarantee for users their money is on the account and/or is in charge of contractual fees prepared in advance. A minor problem is one caused by the account holder himself; Account ban. You risk having your checking account blocked when a phenomenon occurs insolvency. Always avoid Bring the bill to the redto do Bad checks or even just to spend sums, in fact, They are not in your account in the bank. Moin passed credit number Through which the bank advances the money on your behalf, it goes straight through to the block.

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