Bags in red on Amazon and Apple disappointment, Eni rises in Milan thanks to accounts

    Bags in red on Amazon and Apple disappointment, Eni rises in Milan thanks to accounts

    (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Disappointing results for Amazon (-16% in After-Hours) and other big names in soft tech like Meta and Apple wipe out the highs that European stock exchanges They reacted to the indications from the European Central Bank and pushed the European listings into the red head start. In Asia, the performance was particularly heavy for Hong Kong and Shanghai, but Tokyo also closed the session nearly 1 percentage point lower while the Japanese government is ready to step in with its €200 billion economic stimulus plan.

    Amsterdam, the most sensitive to the technology sector, is also the most affected by sales (AEX) but also Piazza Avary (FTSE MIB) Suffers. L ‘German economy However, it gave a higher-than-expected signal with a third-quarter increase of 0.3% in GDP, against expectations of deflation, while the year-over-year figure is +1.2%. in France On the other hand, the Q3 GDP reading came in line with expectations (+0.2% cyclical).

    In Milan Eni goes against the direction, down a street

    In Milan, focus on the reaction to accounts where are you which reported an adjusted net profit for the third quarter of 3.73 billion euros. you realize Saipemthe protagonist of a strong rise after improved expectations for the end of the year, Stmicroelectron Sales suffer in the technology sector. also down Banka GeneralMediobanca CEO Alberto Nagel has stated that he is interested in the assets under management but that the bank will not have a proactive approach on this file which depends on the choices of Generali, the main shareholder in Banca Generali. Downhill too inside After the quarter with higher revenues and profits. In Europe they released the quarterly this morning Airbus GroupAnd the Volkswagen And the Sanofi Aventis. Below Ericsson and AirFrance-Klm.

    Amazon: Revenue and expectations are lower than expectations

    A lower-than-expected quarter for Amazon, which pays for disappointing results and below-expected after-hours forecasts, with an inventory drop of more than 16%. Net income fell to 2.9 billion, or 28 cents a share, from 3.2 billion, or 31 cents a share, from the third quarter of 2021, but higher than expectations of 2.2 billion. Revenue was $127.10 billion, up 15%, but below expectations of $127.46 billion. Revenue from Amazon Web Services is also below expectations, at 20.5 billion versus 21.1 billion from the consensus. However, the data from advertising is better than expectations: revenue of 9.55 billion, an increase of 25%, compared to the 9.48 billion experts expected. For the fourth quarter, Amazon expects revenue of between 140 and 148 billion, to achieve growth over the previous year between 2% and 8%; Analysts’ expectations were instead of 155.15 billion. Operating profit nearly halved to 2.53 billion from 4.85 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

    Apple, record revenue but disappointing iPhone and iPad sales

    Above Apple’s quarterly forecast, though revenue from some of its core products, starting with the iPhone, was a little less than consensus. Earnings per share were $1.29, on revenue of $90.15 billion, up 8.1% over the previous year, versus expectations of $1.27 at 88.90 billion. As for revenue, that was a record for the quarter between July and September. Net profit of $20.7 billion also set a record, with revenue from the iPhone coming in at 42.63 billion, up 9.67% but less than the expected 43.21 billion. Mac revenue was 11.51 billion, up 25.39% and above expectations of 9.36 billion. iPad revenue, equal to $7.17 billion, fell 13.06% and less than expected (7.94 billion).

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