Backward compatibility is easy but its real strength lies in making games unique for each generation –

    Backward compatibility is easy but its real strength lies in making games unique for each generation -

    Shigeru Miyamoto nintendo He said himself one day Compatibility with previous versions and new devicesThe company’s real strength lies in making games that weren’t possible on older systems.

    Specifically, the information comes from a Questions and answers organized during the Nintendo Financial Meeting. Representatives were asked about backwards compatibility for consoles and how easy it is to pass a Nintendo account from generation to generation.

    The general manager and creator of Super Mario Bros. It’s yes, it’s always easier to suggest backwards compatibility with games, as development environments have become more and more standardized in recent years. At the same time, however, he thinks so Nintendo power And there is the ability to create new games. Miyamoto believes the focus should be on creating unique games that couldn’t be created on previous hardware.

    Shigeru Miyamoto
    Shigeru Miyamoto

    Nintendo has been trying to make a suggestion for some time Always different keyboards, with unique functions. The Wii focused heavily on motion controls, the Wii U attempted to propose a dual screen system (between the panel and the TV), while the Switch aims for a hybrid system, whether portable or stationary without completely losing the ability to activate motion controls. In the mobile sector, DS and 3DS have proposed a dual-screen system with a touch screen, introducing a screen with a 3D effect.

    If we instead compare everything with PlayStation and Xbox, it is clear that Nintendo’s strategy is more focused on the uniqueness of the hardware and also on changing support for its games (with the transition from Wii discs and Wii U to cartridges by Switch).

    What do you think that? Is it better to have new games that take advantage of different hardware, or is it better to be able to move forward with backward compatibility more easily?

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