Home entertainment Backsliding, The Unstated Truths Between Grant and Kidman

Backsliding, The Unstated Truths Between Grant and Kidman

Backsliding, The Unstated Truths Between Grant and Kidman

ROME, 06 January – Already from the title it can be concluded that in the center of the story there will be the fall of a seemingly perfect family unit, formed by Grace Fraser, psychologist (Nicole Kidman), Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) an oncologist who saves children and their only son, played by Noah Gobi Little. Backtracking is the HBO series of events that stunned viewers in America and the United Kingdom, with record numbers surpassing even the first season of Throne of Swords. Set in the exclusive Upper East Side in Manhattan, the series is a thrilling family drama with a psychological thriller setting that will debut January 8 at 9.15pm on Sky Atlantic and air on Now Tv. From the same date, all six episodes will be available on demand on Sky and broadcast on Now Tv starting at 6.00. Created by David E. Kelley – behind the success of Ally McBeal and Big Little Lies, which earned him an Emmy Award – and directed by Oscar-winning director Susan Bear, The Undoing – Truths Untold tells about a wealthy family that looks perfect. Grace (Kidman) and Jonathan (Grant) live the life many would envy their position. She, a wealthy New Yorker and a successful psychotherapist, a charming Englishman and a pediatric oncologist, not only represents the ideal couple, but also a defiant couple. Nothing seems to affect their strong twenty-year relationship, but one day, after the brutal murder of Elena Alves (Italian actress Matilda de Angelis), Jonathan suddenly disappeared as well, and began to sow some suspicion both in the community of the prestigious educational institution and in the police. From here begins the plunge into the social and media abyss of the Frasers, who suddenly start to look at them. (handle).

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