Avian influenza, in the United Kingdom, the closure of birds has been triggered

    influenza aviaria anatre

    Avian influenza continues to spread in the UK: health authorities order all birds to be closed.

    Poultry and birds United kingdom They are preparing for Closures: According to what has been announced in the past few hours by the Ministry of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Agency for Animal and Plant Health of the country, in fact, all birds in Her Majesty’s territory must remain completely closed in the cage starting next November 7. The measure, of course, should be understood as a reaction to angerBird fluwhich has already led on the European continent alone (including the United Kingdom) to slaughter More than 50 million birds: According to health authorities reports, it is Worst epidemic everThe UK veterinary staff rated the risk as “extremely high”.

    Avian influenza chicken

    To tell the truth, attempts have been made in this country for some time to stop the disease: starting from October 17, breeders with more than 500 heads were required to restrict entry to only company personnel, forcing the latter to change clothes before entering the pens. He commented in this regard, “At the moment, the situation is terrifying.” Tom Cubas, Farmer, during an interview with BBC Microphones. If we are affected by the virus, we will lose everything. I know of two seasonal producers who had an outbreak on their farms and lost about half of their turkeys. “

    and theItalia? Well, our most attentive readers know that even here the situation is not the most rosy. Our dear old fund is currently the second country in terms of the number of farm outbreaks (317) after France (1,383); With the latest cases identified in the county Treviso And the Verona.

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