Autostrade in Italy with wonders in the Acea Run Rome The Marathon

    Autostrade in Italy with wonders in the Acea Run Rome The Marathon

    Rome – commitment Highways of Italy To promote sports and well-being. Sunday 19 March ASPI He will be present as the official sponsor of the Run Rome the Marathon, and will also be represented by a team of passionate runners who will compete in the three disciplines of the Rome Marathon – 42 km, relay and derby – crossing the beauties of the capital.

    The company also introduced a program entirely dedicated to “wonders. Discover the wonders of Italy“The Autostrade per l’Italia project that promotes the cultural, natural, food and wine heritage of our country. It will be possible through a QR code to access special contents dedicated to the Lazio region and enjoy a themed photo shoot “Wonderland campaign: by posting photos on their social channels and tagging their IG profiles: wonders_italia; FB: This is how wondersitalia will be able to see their shots fired.

    For some time now, the company has been implementing active policies by supporting a series of international events with an approach aimed at putting people “at the center”, creating community and inclusion. With the Rome Marathon, the company continues its journey as a promoter of the luxuryWith this in mind, the group recently launched a community project luxury Which sees the people who work for the company at the center as testimonials to initiatives dedicated to healthy and virtuous lifestyles in the areas in which they live.

    Among the various initiatives that characterize this path, in addition to active participation in sporting events, there is cooperation with schools for guidance, promotion of prevention campaigns, and activities to support inclusion.

    After Rome, the next date for the team of runners will be with the Milan Marathon, scheduled from March 30 to April 2, where ASPI will be the official supplier and will be present with the stand dedicated to the Wonder Woman at the Milan Running Festival, hosted inside the MiCo of Milan, Thursday, March 30 (from 16 to 20), Friday March 31 (from 10 to 20) and Saturday April 1 (from 9 to 19).

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