Automated teller machine or cash? If you travel abroad you can’t go wrong, what should you use

    Automated teller machine or cash?  If you travel abroad you can’t go wrong, what should you use

    If you travel abroad, it is important not to make mistakes and to understand whether you have to use cash, card or debit card.

    After so much stress and work, leave it all behind For a holiday it is healthy. This is a difficult time for families and when going on vacation Do something positive. When preparing for a trip, you need to be careful about different things and Practical organization. When you go outside Europe and you no longer compare yourself to the euro but to other currencies You have to pay attention to exchange and security.

    How to pay abroad
    Cash or ATM, let’s see if it’s better to use card or cash –

    Choose to pay with cash or With a prepaid or credit card It is not a trivial thing and should be evaluated to avoid additional costs that is applied to transactions or currency exchange. When planning a vacation, you have to worry about the budget and know the numbers as well Bank emergency to block the card. When you’re outside it’s dangerous Paper theft and reproduction increased Thus we must take precautions.

    Exchange cost and safety: two important parameters to evaluate

    Carrying credit or debit cards can be with you Good idea for two reasons. First of all these cards accepted anywhere in the world. Credit cards and debit cards Commitment to international circles And so even if they are Issued by Italian banks Returning to these world circles, it is accepted in all countries. The only thing few know is that The exchange rate included in the transaction With a credit card or debit card more advantageous than Change the coins that are found when traveling.

    Let's see how convenient it is to pay abroad
    More convenient credit card exchange –

    When using the credit card and debit card you receive A notification on the app every time a transaction is made. This will allow us to know if someone is using the card incorrectly for and for us Monitor the amount we spend Keep the budget under control.

    Attention in case of minors: Wisdom is a must and the prepaid card is worthwhile

    If the minor is taking a trip abroad, perhaps with the school, instead consider a credit card You could consider a prepaid card like Postepay.

    This card can be made for a minor and can be reloaded the right amount of money What he needs for the trip. Even with these prepaid cards, you can take advantage of the most advantageous exchange rate It has better control over expenses.

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