Auto, do you have dirty injectors? Here’s how to clean it

    Auto, do you have dirty injectors?  Here’s how to clean it

    Injectors are an essential part of your vehicle. Here, then, is how to keep them from getting dirty or how to clean them.

    When we buy a car, we know that it has many features that we need to take care of. A car is a group of elements that come together, and today we are going to talk about a very important part of the engine, we talk about injections and how they work, but above all, how we try to prevent them from deteriorating too much.

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    They have the task of introducing liquid in a different way than transport, and they are part of that system It is called nutrition. Their operation is controlled by a control unit, which takes care of them in electronic form. The aforementioned control unit is responsible for managing the flow of fuel into the engine.

    Basically, if an injector fails, it’s possible for the engine to stall, or for the car to stall because it can’t To receive enough fuel to move. Precisely for this reason it is important to take care of them, and in the following lines we will try to understand how to preserve them through proper maintenance.

    Cars, here’s how to clean the injectors

    Your car’s injectors are generally cleaned every 20 or 25 thousand kilometers, after a very long run. It happens when the car is being serviced, or when the oil is changed, and is another part of maintenance that you should try to monitor with the utmost regularity so as not to damage the engine.

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    To clean the injectors, a liquid is poured into the tank, from which, obviously, all remaining fuel, even at the bottom, must first be drained. The liquid being poured is a special additive, which varies depending on the engine power source. In fact, it is different for diesel or gasoline engines, so you should always be very careful.

    This liquid is introduced to prevent scale build-up at the bottom of the tank, which prevents the injectors from properly drawing fuel. After that, it is necessary to fill in the fuel, so that the above-mentioned crusts do not form again from the ingress of the liquid.

    This is not the only way to clean your car’s injectors, another method is done using ultrasound. In this case, the syringes are disassembled and placed inside a kind of tank filled with white oil. At this point, a kind of wash begins that is useful for cleaning the syringes perfectly, and returning them to their proper shape.

    Last but not least is the cleaning done with WD40. It is the use of a lubricant that is sprayed inside the tank, and even in this case it is important to fill it immediately with petrol or diesel, to clean everything in the best possible way. At this point, your engine will be at its best if previous problems have occurred, and you will realize that consumption will decrease as well. With these few movements, you will avoid more serious problems.

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