Author Hajime Isayama came to tears apologizing for ending the manga


    We are still a few months away from the return of the anime The Attack of the Giants, one of the Japanese anime series that has become a cult that has been watched and reviewed all over the world, and which can almost be considered among the most famous works in this entertainment sector. Along with the latest anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer.

    Attack on Titan has already found its end for a few years now, but given its massive following due to its anime, it’s only natural that fans remain quite attached to the medium, especially because of the amazing work the studios have done. Animation has been shown to perform well over time.

    The author, Hajime Isayama, was recently hosted on Anime themed event which was held in New York, marking the mangaka’s first trip to the United States. At this conference full of announcements regarding Japanese business, Isayama also arrives Make several statementsincluding some regarding his future and his “mistakes” in writing Attack on Titan.

    the attack of Giants

    Apology from the author of “Attack on Titan”

    For those who have read the manga, they know that the end of Attack on Titan is certainly not an unexpected fact: the result has left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans for various reasons, while others are satisfied with the results obtained at the end of the story, believing that there will be no Possibility to see a different ending, there were not a few readers who would have preferred alternative effects.

    the attack of Giants

    Firstly, Hajime Isayama wanted to apologize for the controversial finale of the series, which led to a very emotional moment between him and the audience watching his interview, with Isayama very close to tears. The author wanted to thank all the fans, saying he wasn’t sure of his feelings about the ending: apologizing, he said he found himself in a lot of trouble.

    He said he was very sad until the day before when fans met for autographs. He’s received some very positive feedback regarding the final, which is why Isayama says he’s so happy he’s coming to New York. In addition to all this, Isayama also said that he had major sleep problems in the last week of the sequence, sleeping two or three hours a day.

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