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Australian Open in disarray, 25 other players in quarantine | News

  Australian Open in disarray, 25 other players in quarantine |  News

The number of players forced to stay in quarantine for two weeks in their hotel rooms, waiting to play the games, has risen to 72. Open Australia House. To the 47 who have been banned so far, 25 others have been added, according to local authorities, who traveled on a flight from Doha to Melbourne with a passenger, who was examined upon arrival, and tested positive for the virus. “Now these 25 players will not be able to leave their hotel rooms – it is written in a note issued by the organizers – and they will not even be able to train.”

In this case the tournament director, Craig Tilly, Tries to keep the tape straight by assuring, as it happened today, that the first round of Grand Slam will start as scheduled on February 8 and acknowledging the current difficulties and risks caused by the virus. The most spectacular case is the case of 72 athletes who were forced to stay locked up in their hotel rooms for 14 days without being able to train. There are complaints on social media about the treatment and the vagueness of preventive information, but those few who tried to get their noses out of the room to talk to a colleague or coach were actually being threatened with heavy fines or being taken to a hotel with policemen on every floor to watch them.
“This is unacceptable behavior,” the State Quarantine Commissioner hit them, Emma KassarHe rejected criticism from those who deny that they were aware of the restrictions that could be encountered in the case of contact with positive people. “If I had known I would not have come,” wrote Romanian Sorana Kirstia and Kazakh Yulia Putintseva on Twitter. To alleviate the difficulties, the organizers tried to equip them in the halls for training, which is completely different from being on the field. Most of the tennis players registered for the tournament, more than 1,200 of them 14 between Azure and Azure, are in quarantine in Melbourne but can leave hotels to train for five hours a day. Instead, “cream” – see Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, but also Yannick Senner, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka – was placed in a quieter and more secluded Adelaide in Adelaide, adding to the discontent. However, No. 1 in the world lent a helping hand to the worst of the colleges, sending a letter to director Tiley asking for specific requests. Among them, reducing complete isolation days after a negative plug or even moving into private homes equipped with a training field.

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