Australian Grand Prix: April 2022 Hypothesis – Formula 1 Edition

    GP Australia: ipotesi aprile per l’edizione 2022

    ring Albert Park In the pre-pandemic era, it traditionally hosted the first race of the season, with the exception of the 2006 and 2010 editions. However, Covid-19 pushed F1 away from Australia in 2020 and 2021, as organizers had to fly a white flag.

    Let’s take a step back. In March last year, the Melbourne GP was called off within minutes of the first free practice session after a McLaren team member tested positive for Covid. At that time, the news caused quite an uproar, causing it to happen cash rain against the organization for an event that should have been canceled long beforehand. Attention, fortunately, there was this year. Indeed, due to the alarming health situation in the country, the Australian government has decided to cancel the tender, which was previously postponed to November, as well as to 2021.

    2021 calendar: Qatar looks set to replace Australia

    To express himself on the subject as reported by the newspaper gpfans He was the Minister of Sports in Victoria, Martin Bakula, who is already in discussions with Liberty Media CEO Stefano Domenicali to get F1 back on the streets of Melbourne as soon as possible. The hypothesis that currently seems most reasonable is to hold the event in April 2022. A more suitable date to organize a global event safely and in the best possible way. Indeed, the politician asserted that: “Monday evening I had a chat with Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1. It was a very friendly conversation, and there is a good relationship between us. I expect the race to take place in 2022, we have been talking about the month of April with Formula 1 for some time now.”

    OFFICIAL: No Australian Grand Prix in 2021

    Hopefully, the situation due to the pandemic tends to improve in light of 2022, so that two and four wheeler events can be held. It’s not easy to make guarantees in this historic period, which is why the Australian public has had dry mouth again this year. The controversy over races scheduled for 2021 has been flatly waived vaccination campaign Which in Australia is still far from reaching satisfactory numbers: “Given the very low national numbers of two-dose vaccinations, we have not been able to demonstrate a strong enough position to give F1 management and MotoGP the guarantees they need this weekend at the latest. – Follow Bakula – I understand this is disappointing news for motorsport fans, but hosting the circuit in November (about 1,600 people), with the necessary quarantine provisions on demand in an environment where the government has decided to halve international arrivals, has made it difficult to offer any guarantee.”

    Edited by Matthew Pisani

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