Australian Grand Prix 2023: Never had this many spectators in a weekend | FormulaPassion – Formula 1

    Australian Grand Prix 2023: Never had this many spectators in a weekend |  FormulaPassion – Formula 1

    Almost unexpected data

    In the first two races of the 2023 season, Team Red Bull virtually dominated the Sakhir and Jeddah tests, leaving no room for their opponents and claiming two consecutive double wins. All this portends a foregone conclusion even on occasion Australian Grand Prix, with almost winning the “booking” of Milton Keynes. So the weekend could be interpreted as ‘boring’, but not for Australia fans.

    record number

    In fact, for the 37th edition of the Grand Prix, there it was Record number of spectators in the stands of Albert Park Over the weekend, approximately 445,000 people attended. More specifically, they sold well 444,631 ticketsNot much has happened since Formula 1 arrived for the first time in its history in Melbourne in 1996. The figure has also become more impressive due to the bad weather conditions on Friday and Saturday, both for Formula 1 and for other classes in which it participated for the first time in their history in Australia.

    2022: Previous record year

    The clear and visible growth in the popularity of Formula 1 around the world was also confirmed on the occasion of this weekend, which surpassed the record set last year. For the 2022 edition, they were 419,114 Spectators are present in the grandstands of the Fast Street circuit, heir to another track such as the Adelaide track, home of the Australian Grand Prix from 1985 to 1995 inclusive. Suspending the event in 2020 and 2021 has also increased the appetite for F1, thanks to the Covid-19 emergency that has prompted the FIA ​​to temporarily move away from Australia.

    More records in 2023?

    We’ll have to figure out and see what the next appointments will be at this World Championship, with crowds of different host nations that could equal or exceed other attendance records over the weekend. The following data can be analyzed in about a month, when Formula 1 will return to the track on another street circuit such as the one in BakuAzerbaijan, which was first introduced in the calendar in 2017.

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