Australia will buy Tomahawk long-range missiles from the US and Asia

    Australia: inondazioni, ragni coprono regione con ragnatele - Ultima Ora

    (ANSA) – SYDNEY, Sept. 16 – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that his country will buy US Tomahawk long-range cruise missiles, as it bolsters military defenses in the face of a growing China.

    “We will enhance our long-range strike capability with Tomahawk cruise missiles to deploy to the Royal Australian Navy’s Hobart-class destroyers, and joint long-range air-to-ground missiles to the Royal Australian Air Force’s arsenals,” he said. Morrison. Reporters in Canberra.

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also confirmed that his country would not finalize a 90 billion Australian dollar ($66 billion) agreement with France to supply submarines, but would build its own nuclear-powered submarines, using this technology. The United States and the United Kingdom.

    “The decision we have taken not to continue with the Attack Class submarine and to go down this path is not a transformation but a necessity,” he said. (Dealing).

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