Australia: There is a risk of the worst food crisis ever

    Empty supermarkets

    The pandemic is also undermining transportation and logistics in Australia, where there is a risk that supermarkets will not receive fresh produce on time.

    According to experts, the Australians They could face the worst food crisis always, with Food shortage New available that has never been seen before, unless Covid isolation rules are relaxed in the coming months. This is the caveat that comes from companies warning that they may not be able to supply fruits and vegetables to supermarkets.

    Raw materials – he says – are now rotting on the original farms, and will continue to happen, if a solution to the staff shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic is not found. Even in Australia, despite very strict measures, Omicron is causing epidemic numbers to rise again, with nearly 80,000 cases per day. As is the case around the world, the isolation and precautionary restrictions imposed on immigration are causing a shortage of labor force, with the consequent difficulty of carrying out many essential industrial and economic activities.

    Empty supermarkets

    “We need to find a way to keep food on the go in supermarkets and secure food on the shelves for Australians,” said Michael Rogers, president of the Australian Fresh Produce Association. “Anything that is highly perishable will be more susceptible to disruption. This is why it is important for us to make sure transportation and logistics are running.”

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