Australia, The Stories We, Manuela and Nadia: ‘Banned Here for 20 Months’

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    Manuela arrived in Sydney, Australia, in 2018. She chose to leave Italy for a while to pursue her husband, who is an engineer, and with his family to pursue a career opportunity. A year later Nadia also arrived in Sydney. She is also with her husband, they are both engineers Away from Italy for work reasons.

    When the Australian daily routine became a new habit, the epidemic arrived. He upset everything, rearranged priorities. “On March 20, 2020, Australia immediately closed its borders And we are no longer able to return to Italy, to our loved ones”, says Nadia and Manuela, who in recent months have joined the Fuso friends, a virtual community of women around the world who share everyday experiences and problems. “Wherever you are, there will always be a friend for you at the right time”It is their motto.

    “We found ourselves in a situation where we had to choose between our jobs and the embrace of families in Italy. The great Australian expanses and breathtaking nature often distract from what it was like to shut us down. Two years without being able to go home. Start».

    Effective November 1, 2021, Australia reopened its borders, After more than 600 days off. A very difficult case also for the thousands of Australians who live permanently abroad and only in rare cases have been able to return to their country, after an expensive and mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine. From November 1, Sydney and Melbourne have agreed to allow fully vaccinated Australians to travel without being quarantined.

    « Speech changes for us owners Temporary visas. Even if vaccinated, despite being registered with AIRE, even though we work in Australia, we pay taxes here, we pay schools here,
    We still need an exemption that is very difficult to obtain, in order to return to the country, if we decide to leave,” Manuela and Nadia explained.We would like the Italian government to put more pressure on us to allow us to move freely. Without having to choose between work and family. Help us make our voices heard.”

    The Fuso friends They decided to share their stories in the book “When everything changes”, Available on amazon. 12 stories of women in 11 countries.

    You can write your story on The WhatsApp From: +393472156843

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