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Australia: The first deadline for registration of drones is at the end of January

australia stretta sui droni

2021 will be the year of registration for drones in Australia. The first call to respond to the CASA call (our ENAC equivalent) will be Those who travel for purposes other than sports or entertainment (Mainly professionals), who if over the age of 16 will have to register their aircraft online (in this case classified as “RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft)” The first deadline is next January 28. The difference will only be made by the purpose of the flight, without distinction in weight or other characteristics of the aircraft.

But they will not be accommodated either HobbyEven if their drones – classified in this case as “model aircraft” – would follow that fate more quietly. For them, in fact, mandatory registration is currently scheduled for March 2022, a distant date that will allow first and foremost to test and improve the system with professional users, but also take time to permanently cancel the reserve on whether or not to return to this commitment to lighter aircraft From 250 grams.

According to plans Civil Aviation Safety AuthorityThe registration fee is expected to remain free for all registered aircraft by June 30, 2021, but thereafter Fees can be around AUD $ 150 per drone An expense that depends on whether it is recurring or not (at the moment it is not clear why it is just a hypothesis) can be a heavy sum to incur.

What is certain is that the amount of any Fines for trips without registration It’s even less neglected, as the house has declared they can access Up to 11,000 Australian dollars.

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The registration creates a link between the drone and its rightful owner, who bears the burden of canceling its registration through the same online system in the event of a sale or loss, at risk, in the event of problems, the authorities will switch even if he no longer has the aircraft.

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