Australia, terrible Hurricane Elsa hits the country

    Australia, terrible Hurricane Elsa hits the country

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    Hurricane Elsa, which recently hit Western Australia, is the strongest storm to hit the region in about 14 years. It is a category five hurricane, which ruled Record wind speeds but fortunately it escaped serious damage to populated areas. Intense tropical cyclone Elsa hit the state near Port Hedland, the world’s largest iron ore export center, just before midnight.

    Australia, terrible hurricane Elsa arrives

    Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter described the sound of the wind hitting the town as “very strange and unusual” and “like a freight train”. Officials said the storm was heading east and warned inland communities to remain vigilant.

    “There are many remote communities and mining operations that have not yet been affected.”Acting Emergency Services Secretary Sue Ellery told reporters.

    A popular local pub and trailer park located directly in the path of the storm – Bardot Road House – has suffered. “Serious harm”said the owners on Facebook. The district fire official said that so far there have been no reports of people being injured and not all critical infrastructure was damaged by the typhoon.

    Winds of 135.5 mph (218 km/h) were recorded on Pedot Island off the coast when the storm came, Setting an Australian record for 10 minutes of sustained wind. The previous record was 120.5 mph (194 km/h) when Hurricane George hit the country in 2007.

    With Elsa’s highly damaging winds moving inland, the storm is expected to weaken further overnight into Saturday.

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