Australia: Tamil refugee family released in Oceania

    Australia: Barriera Corallina, è di nuovo boom riproduttivo - Oceania

    (ANSA) – BRISBANE, June 15 – After two years of lobbying and a petition to collect half a million signatures, the Australian government has given in and announced the release of a family of Tamil refugees held since 2019 at the Christmas Island migrant center.

    A week ago, the youngest daughter fell ill and was taken with her mother to a hospital in Perth. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke finally allowed the other members of the Murugaban family, the eldest father and daughter, to move into town.

    Years ago, the people of the rural Queensland town of Biloila have been fighting a battle for the family to get back to where they lived when they fled Sri Lanka and where the girls were born. Australia has a very hard line towards immigration.

    No one arriving by boat, as happened with the Murugappans in 2012 and 2013, is entitled to remain in the country permanently or obtain refugee status. (handle).

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