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    Australia: inondazioni, ragni coprono regione con ragnatele - Ultima Ora

    (ANSA) – SYDNEY, Dec 10 – A broad-based judicial inquiry into Australia’s diversity of media, its owners, and sector regulation. It’s a recommendation for an investigation by a federal Senate committee on media diversity. The Communications Commission’s majority report, voted on by senators from Labor and Green, concludes that the Royal Commission’s investigation should “establish whether the current media regulation regime is fit for purpose and investigate the concentration of media ownership in Australia.” A judicial investigation will have the capacity to conduct a more thorough investigation, including forcing witnesses to testify. “This investigation will also be conducted at a safe distance from all politicians to allow for an independent investigation,” he added.

    The Senate committee found that media regulation has been ineffective and that inconsistent governance mechanisms across platforms make it unworkable. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp holds 59% of the capital’s and national print media markets through readers, up from 25% in 1984. Green Senator Sarah Hanson Young secured support in the Senate to start the investigation a year ago, after a petition was filed by the Prime Minister Former Laborer Kevin Rudd on the need for a strong and diverse media system, amassed over 500,000 signatures.

    “The evidence that Murdoch’s media empire is a dangerous monopoly has been abundantly clear. From climate negativity to gender and partisan attacks, to securing a platform for racism and disinformation on Covid, the impact of media ownership and the failure of the regulatory system is self-evident,” he added, noting that implementing the recommendations requires passing a law in House of Representatives (ANSA).

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