Australia, millions of mice invade the East Coast, destroying crops. Dramatic photos in the video.

    Millions of rodents have invaded the east coast of Australia

    Millions of mice invaded the vast rural areas of the east coast of New South Wales, Australia days ago. Coming from who knows where, such a large number of animals have never seen them before, they literally eat everything in their path.

    From large silos, where the crop is stored, to fields and even farms, there is a complete emergency.

    On the other hand, as documented through the gorgeous photos posted in a video on social media by 10 News First, being able to deal with such an overwhelming number of rodents is almost impossible. “We are living in a real nightmare,” a ranch owner told a local TV because the invasions occur mainly at night.

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    Indeed, in addition to crops, winter sowing and even people are at risk. It’s news a few days ago that three people were hospitalized after being accidentally bitten by a rodent. Why is there so many? Experts believe that last season, which was rainier than usual, may have increased their numbers, causing a real boom in baby boomers. Meanwhile, as the state of emergency continued, farmers called for urgent government intervention. “First, as they say, everything is lost.”

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