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Australia, last wish Rita, first policewoman in the saddle: “I see my horses”

Australia, last wish Rita, first policewoman in the saddle:

She was the first female policewoman on the back in the UK to write a page of history. And now, at the end of her life, she has fulfilled her last great wish: to be able to spend a few hours of peace, in the sun, and caress a man again. To make you happy Rita Meredith, 75, Graham and Nicole, two New South Wales Police officers, took care of them. She was hospitalized with serious illness at Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital in Waratah, New South Wales, Australia.

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The surprise
After a long flight, starting at the base in Redfern, a suburb of central Sydney, clients appeared in the hospital aboard Hollywood and Don. Rita, who said she was the first female police officer on horseback in the UK when she was 20, was moved and stunned. “He found that cool gesture – his son Robert Barnaby said – he couldn’t believe these cops found the time to drive for five hours, back and forth, just to see it and make her smile.” In fact, Robert said the mother’s condition is very serious and the woman cannot leave the hospital. For several days she had said that before her death she would like to see a horse again, to beat him. But it seemed practically impossible. Until yesterday, to surprise NSW police officers.
“I shed many tears and created wonderful memories – I wrote in a Facebook post, Meredith’s son-in-law, Emily Sykes – accompanied the lovely agents Hollywood and Don, and they definitely made Rita and Woody’s day better. The staff were astonished.” And again: “They were incredibly patient, They answered all our questions and let Rita beat the horses and give them some apples to eat. “

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Queen’s mother
Emily also shared a black and white photo of her mother-in-law on horseback meeting the Queen Mother in 1967. “After two years of service, Rita decided to become a horse riding agent. She was the first female horse riding police officer in the United Kingdom and possibly the entire world. A truly special mission. To a very special woman. ”Then his son Robert added a tale: When Rita met the Queen Mother, her horse chopped off the royal coat. the work.”
Rita has lived in Australia since 1991. She has been providing foster care for children with disabilities for a long time: “She has taken care of 61 children at home over the years,” recalls her son.

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