Australia: ‘If you see an African call for help’, the racist cartel in the supermarket

    Australia: 'If you see an African call for help', the racist cartel in the supermarket

    It sparks a discussion about a racist cartel displayed in a supermarket on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, which offers a glimpse of African customers.

    a supermarket In the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, has been the subject of numerous criticisms for its display in a cash register a elemental cartel. Strictly speaking, according toABCThe notice was stuck to the cashier for at least three years, but it ended up at the center of the controversy only recently after a photo was posted on social media.

    elemental supermarket

    “If an African customer appears in the bottle shop, press the button to call for help immediately! There should be at least two employees when we serve African customers,” says the sign in question, which has now disappeared from circulation. A spokesperson for Metcash, the parent company of the supermarket chain, called it “completely unacceptable” and assured local media that “corrective actions with the store concerned”, such as ordering training sessions, were taken immediately for all employees.

    Courses that, according to a Melbourne lawyer mic maker, are simple subversive maneuvers to clean up an individual’s public image and avoid a more in-depth examination of the relevant bodies. He commented, “I am not surprised that a supermarket targeted a minority, as customers who were part of it noticed that they had entered the store to steal.” “The sad truth is that it has happened in the past, it has happened now with IGA (the supermarket chain involved, editor) and it will definitely happen in the near future. In our society, such incidents should not happen, they are not something that needs training.”

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