Australia feels threatened by China, and has every reason to do so

    Australia feels threatened by China, and has every reason to do so

    three months ago, The G7 hosted by the UK in CornwallThere was a lot of gossip about one meeting in particular. It was the first time that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisonmet the new president of the United States, Joe BidenAnd everyone was expecting the duo America and Australia, a time to start over in a relationship that had become quite turbulent Donald Trump. But at the Cornwall bilateral conference, there was a third annoyance: the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The three-way meeting, described as “unexpected and unusual”, sounded somewhat like an Australian commissioner, and the fact that neither reporters nor cameras were allowed to add to the ambiguity surrounding the conversation. It only turns out that the three leaders did not talk about the climate as expected, they did talk about it Security in the Indo-Pacific region. Today we know that during that meeting an idea was “OkosAnd Strategic alliance between Washington, London and Canberra.

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